In year six we have been learning about how Muslims show commitment to God, focusing on the 5 pillars of Islam.
This week we learned about Salah (prayer) this is one of the five  pillars. Some children  bought in the outfits that they wear to the mosque and dressed up, showing the class first hand how prayer would be performed in the mosque on prayer mats. Children had the opportunity to try on some of the clothing if they wished.


In RE year 4 have been learning about the special relationship Jews have with God.
This week we have been learning about the Torah the Jewish holy book and how Jewish families look after the Torah and where it is kept in the Synagogue.
Children had the opportunity to look at the Torah and use the Yad to follow some of the beautiful Hebrew text.


As part of our topic work we used atlases to locate countries in Europe, it was really interesting and we all had fun.


Today we were learning about homophones in English.  For words which we were unsure about we used a dictionary to find the definition.


Our maths lessons so far have been all about place value, we have been doing lots of things like partitioning numbers, ordering and comparing numbers, rounding numbers and much more. We don’t always find it easy but we all try our very best and we are really enjoying the lessons.


Following on from our History lesson on Friday when Mrs Pollitt took on the role of Pasaphe (The Minotaur’s Mother) we had a visit from Dr. Kidd and she came to carry on the story of Theseus and the Minotaur.  Some children also did a role play with Dr. Kidd.  We all designed a Labryinth and for our next lesson we will find out what happens when Theseus goes into the Labyrinth.

Our first blog

Welcome back Thorp this year (2019) the staff have added a few changes to the school.

These changes will help some classes with learning and concentrating, this can also help with tests and SATS. First the hall has been repainted and the floor has been polished. We also have some new blinds.

The year six classroom has been decorated as well with some new carpet and new computers.


This year, yr6 are going to make sure we try are best and never give up, especially in SATS. 

We shall also make sure that we listen carefully when the teacher is talking and have a positive attitude in all learning.

 Georgia and Maisie 


Year 1 are currently reading Funnybones by Janet & Allan Ahlberg. Today the children took up the challenge to make a skeleton in one of the areas in the classroom. The results were amazing and more importantly they practised lots of different skills.

We are archeologists!

In Y3 we had an exciting introduction to our Stone Age topic! We were given the task of being archaeologists for the afternoon. We had to uncover clues around school and use them to guess our next class topic and predict what our next Whole Class book might be about! We had an amazing time!