The Tiger Who Came To Tea

We have been looking at the story The tiger Who Came To To Tea our English lessons. We have been looking at the story on a story mountain and using this to help us perform the story in small groups!


In maths we have been adding numbers by putting a number in our heads and counting on. It was hard work to begin with, but we got there in the end!

Glitter germs!

Year 1 have been scientists today and have been observing how quickly germs can spread. Of course we didn’t use real germs today but glitter. It was everywhere!  We had to wash our hands properly with soap and water to make sure that all the glitter was gone.

WW2 Field Hospital

We had such great learning experiences today. We made a map to get to Bethesda then explored the church before moving the chairs around to make beds for hospital patients. Back in class we made a 3D model of the building and coloured a map and key to show what each room could be.


In Early Years we have been reading a book called “Rotten Island.” In this book there are lots of different monsters.

Nursery children have all thought about their own monster; answering questions like “How many legs will it have?” “What colour will it be?” Then they painted their monsters.


The children have been looking for numerals in the environment. We found some outside and some inside the classroom.

Some children then had a go at ordering their numerals. These children really impressed me!

As part of our topic work this afternoon, we all worked as Code Crackers.  Mrs Pollitt sent us a coded message and we had to work out what the message was and then we made coded messages of our own.  We all had a great time!

Remembrance Day

As part of our inquiry focus of ‘how do we remember war and those who fought in the war?’ Y3 have been learning about the importance of Remembrance Day. Today we walked to the Royton Park war memorial to pay our respects to those that have died in war and to place our handmade poppy wreath at the site. 


Reception have really enjoyed PE this half term with OACT. We have been practising moving around the hall safely and getting into a space without bumping into anyone. We have also been getting dressed and undressed without too much adult support, well done everyone!