Millie Dance

We had a great dance lesson yesterday with Millie.  We worked in small groups to choreograph our own routines and we then performed them for the rest of the class.


Maya map work

We had a busy afternoon discovering the Ancient Maya countries and capital cities on a map.  We are looking forward to our next lesson which is going to be about the Maya Calendar.


School Council

Today we elected our School Council Representatives. We heard some fantastic speeches and it was a very close contest. We are pleased to announce that Phoebe and Finlay have been elected.

Ancient Egypt

On Monday 13th January 2020, year 3 were visited by Tony North who came in to teach us all about the Egyptians. First we learnt all about the Egyptian gods. Then we did a quiz- the prize was an A2 Egyptian poster! The winners were Joel, Thomas and Aisha! They were very happy with their prizes!

Next we practised writing in hieroglyphs, before writing our names on some Egyptian paper called papyrus. Did you know that the word ‘paper’ comes from papyrus?

In the afternoon we painted our own Egyptian models using acrylic paint. We have had a fantastic day today!

From year 3

Internet Safety

Yesterday we had a lesson all about internet safety.  As a class we came up with some safety rules and Alycia wrote them on the board.



Today we started to learn how to play the recorder; we learnt the note ‘b’ and played two tunes, we all had a great time.