Rock Investigation

In Science we have been investigating different types of rocks. During this investigation, the children explored the colours, textures and shapes of the rocks before deciding the type of rock each sample belonged in.


As part of our Science learning, we have been learning about circuits.  We were given lots of pictures of different circuits and we had to predict whether or not the bulb would light.  After making our prediction, we then tested the circuits to see if we were correct.  We can’t wait to make our own torches.


Last week, we participated in Bikeability.  We learnt how to signal to indicate that we want to turn left or right, this meant we hand to be able to ride our bikes one handed.  We also learnt the importance of checking over our shoulder before we signal so that we know if there is anything behind us.  We learnt to how to control our bikes and we went through cones and practiced doing narrow turns. We all had a great time and we can’t wait until we can learn how to ride safely on the road.

Mrs Phillips

On Friday 23rd April, Year 5 wished Mrs Phillips good luck as she started her retirement.  We all had lots of questions to ask her ranging from her favourite moments at Thorp to what she wants to do in the future.  We all will Mrs Phillips lots of love, luck and laughter for the future!

Relax Kids Session

In our second Relax Kids session, we focused on how the primary motor cortex on the left side of the brain controls movement of the right side of the body, and vice-versa, the right motor cortex controls movement of the left side of the body.  We really enjoyed the activity which demonstrated this!

Is it always the strongest that survive?

In science, Year 6 have been investigating ‘Is it always the strongest that survive?’  Using Darwin’s techniques, we focused on why finches on the Galapagos Islands have evolved and how their beak design impacts on where they live and the food they consume.  Ask Year 6 what they learnt in our investigation!