Black History Month

To celebrate Black History Month, Year 3 looked at Rosa Parks and how she stood up for the rights of black people. We looked at the scarifies she made and how this was a big turning point.

As a class, we agreed on how important it is to treat everyone equally and fairly.

Design & Technology

As part of our Design & Technology topic about food, we made a chunky vegetable soup.  We all peeled and chopped the ingredients and we couldn’t wait to try it.  Some of us thought it was delicious and had second helpings, whilst some of us didn’t really like it.  We all had fun making it though and some of us are going to make it at home!


On Tuesday, we had a visit from the Life Education SCARF PSHE service.  In our session, we focused on choices which we make, the consequences of these (both positive and negative) and how we sometimes feel emotionally and socially too.  We discussed peer group pressure in relation to our next steps in education and life too in the next few months.  We of course requested to see Harold too, as we have many fun memories working with him in our time here at Thorp!


This afternoon, we had a visit from the Life Education SCARF PSHE service.  We did a session on ‘It’s good to be me!’  We all had a great time.


Today Year 6 combined all of their skills which we have developed over the half term to participate in a netball match. Look at our focus, determination and teamwork on these photographs! Well done Year 6.

P.E. – Netball

This half term we have been developing our skills in netball.  We started our learning by watching footage of Manchester Thunder to inspire us!  During this unit have been focusing on successfully handling a ball by throwing and catching it correctly; developing our shooting skills; improving our defending and attacking skills; using the correct footwork techniques; while understanding court rules.


In English today, our young journalists arrived at the scene of The White Horse Tavern to report on the shocking events which have occurred just hours before the unveiling of the new figure in the great clock of Glockenheim.

We carefully planned our news reels as a group and then delivered our live recordings to the eager audience who had tuned in to watch.  Well done year 6!

Science – Light

Over the half term we have been investigating light focusing on how shadows are formed; understanding how our eyes allow us to see objects; investigating reflections; and learning about refraction.  Our photographs show us investigating the angle of the incident ray and how this impacts the angle of the reflected ray, together with how reflections enable us to see over, under and around corners with the use of a periscope.