Making Bread

Today we learnt about the key ingredients required to make bread together with the process involved of turning wheat into flour and then into bread. We then applied our new knowledge to make our own bread rolls. We learnt new facts about the importance of yeast in dough, new vocabulary including proving and developed new skills like kneading. As a class we were thrilled with our final product and especially enjoyed evaluating them!


Year 1 have made a great start to their DT topic of Mechanisms. They have made and used sliders to create moving pictures.


Year 5 have enjoyed a WW2 experience day.
We learnt about the great leaders and nations involved in the war. We explored the Battle of Supplies, context and timeline of the Women’s Land Army and WW2.
We answered questions such as Why did we need the WLA?  We acted out WLA recruitment- Signing up and interview role-play .
We handled and named , agriculture, Crops T, ools of the trade, practised milking and Butter churning.
 We then had some time Artefact handling and enquiry: what do these items tell us about life during WW2? What’s for lunch?
We learnt about the Dig for Victory and Rationing Lunchtime .Life as a Land Girl Propaganda vs Reality Food on the Home Front Animals and their wartime purposes, Salvage sorting Food packaging Rationing End of the working day Pay & conditions, water rationing & evening activities. Finally, we answered the overall question-what impact did the land army have during WW2?
What a fantastic day we had, and we learnt so much!


In English, Year Six have started to read Rooftoppers by Katherine Rundell.  The books starts with a young girl who is found floating in a cello case and swaddled in a Beethoven score in the English Channel.  She is recorded as the only female survivor of the shipwreck of the Queen Mary.  In our experience lesson, we focused on sequencing the events of the sinking of the Titanic.  Over this unit, we will be writing a recount from the perspective of one of the other survivors of the Queen Mary disaster.

Design and Technology

We really enjoyed our Design and Technology lesson today!  Our task was to name and identify the origin of a number of bread products and to evaluate them according to their characteristics.  It was great to see the children trying new types of bread products and liking them too!

Welcome Back!

Hello and welcome back. It’s been a very busy week for us in Year 2 this week, we have started all our new topics and began reading a new book in English.

The book we are reading in English is called ‘Big Bad Owl’ and we will use it as a hook to write detailed descriptions of the setting and character. We kicked the week off with an Experience Day in English; we went out into the forest area to collect objects to label up with adjectives and nouns so that we might include them in future lessons. The children loved this activity and we generated some fantastic vocabulary for our word banks.

In topic we started learning about the Great Fire of London by using atlases to locate London and the other capital cities of the United Kingdom. The had to use the atlas to locate the capital cities and then draw on the borders, so each country was distinguishable. The children were very excited to use the atlases and were all eager to tell me facts they had learnt which was lovely.

We’ve lots of exciting things planned over the next few weeks and I’ll be posting more blogs to keep you updated.

Here’s to a happy and successful term!

-Mr Gooding

Year 5

Year 5 have been painting flowers in the style of Henri Rousseau. We also looked at mixing complimentary colours to replicate mood and atmosphere. As part of our Music lessons we have been working on Rock music. We have been practising to sing the song, Livin on a prayer, as well as composing a percussion accompaniment to it using the glockenspiels. In Science, we had to decide what fruit we would use to represent the planets. We then created models and presented our findings. Year 5 have been using a variety of sources to locate the Rainforests of the world as well as the Tropics and the equator. Year 5 have been using Purple Mash for their computing lessons. They have enjoyed creating avatars, learning how to stay safe online and coding. We have been looking at substances that are soluble and insoluble in Science. We planned our own experiment in groups, shared hypothesis and then tested if the substances dissolved in water.



In Maths we have been looking at part, part whole models and using counters to find the total. We have also been using these models to find missing parts.