Welcome Back!

Hello and welcome back. It’s been a very busy week for us in Year 2 this week, we have started all our new topics and began reading a new book in English.

The book we are reading in English is called ‘Big Bad Owl’ and we will use it as a hook to write detailed descriptions of the setting and character. We kicked the week off with an Experience Day in English; we went out into the forest area to collect objects to label up with adjectives and nouns so that we might include them in future lessons. The children loved this activity and we generated some fantastic vocabulary for our word banks.

In topic we started learning about the Great Fire of London by using atlases to locate London and the other capital cities of the United Kingdom. The had to use the atlas to locate the capital cities and then draw on the borders, so each country was distinguishable. The children were very excited to use the atlases and were all eager to tell me facts they had learnt which was lovely.

We’ve lots of exciting things planned over the next few weeks and I’ll be posting more blogs to keep you updated.

Here’s to a happy and successful term!

-Mr Gooding

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