Year 5 have enjoyed a WW2 experience day.
We learnt about the great leaders and nations involved in the war. We explored the Battle of Supplies, context and timeline of the Women’s Land Army and WW2.
We answered questions such as Why did we need the WLA?  We acted out WLA recruitment- Signing up and interview role-play .
We handled and named , agriculture, Crops T, ools of the trade, practised milking and Butter churning.
 We then had some time Artefact handling and enquiry: what do these items tell us about life during WW2? What’s for lunch?
We learnt about the Dig for Victory and Rationing Lunchtime .Life as a Land Girl Propaganda vs Reality Food on the Home Front Animals and their wartime purposes, Salvage sorting Food packaging Rationing End of the working day Pay & conditions, water rationing & evening activities. Finally, we answered the overall question-what impact did the land army have during WW2?
What a fantastic day we had, and we learnt so much!

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