Year 5

Year 5 have been painting flowers in the style of Henri Rousseau. We also looked at mixing complimentary colours to replicate mood and atmosphere. As part of our Music lessons we have been working on Rock music. We have been practising to sing the song, Livin on a prayer, as well as composing a percussion accompaniment to it using the glockenspiels. In Science, we had to decide what fruit we would use to represent the planets. We then created models and presented our findings. Year 5 have been using a variety of sources to locate the Rainforests of the world as well as the Tropics and the equator. Year 5 have been using Purple Mash for their computing lessons. They have enjoyed creating avatars, learning how to stay safe online and coding. We have been looking at substances that are soluble and insoluble in Science. We planned our own experiment in groups, shared hypothesis and then tested if the substances dissolved in water.


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