Week 4

This week was our final week of looking at and reading ‘Whatever Next’. The children thought about where they would go in their rocket and they made marks to show us their chosen destination.

We learnt about Tim Peake who went to space just before the Nursery children were born. We looked in detail at his spacesuit and we now know they are not always white and they are made specifically for that astronaut. The children tried on Mrs Squibbs’ spacesuit coat and the quickly realised that wasn’t the right size for them.

The children enjoyed using an app called ‘NASA selfie’ where they got to become real astronauts! Check out our Nursery astronauts in the photos.

In PE we rode the moon buggy scooters and bikes and went around the moon picking up moon rocks. The children were very careful not to fall in the craters.



We continued with our super subitising this week. We learnt how to play pairs where we had to match the numeral to the picture showing that amount.



Our topic this half term had been about safety. We took a look in our playground and the area around our school. We looked at the floor markings outside our school and the speed bumps and discussed how they are there to keep us safe. We also looked at the floor and realised it was softer in places to stop the children from hurting themselves on the equipment.


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