British Science Week – Stretchy Slime Experiment

This year’s British Science Weeks theme was Growth. As part of British Science week, we did an experiment where we had to make slime and measure how much it would stretch (grow). Unfortunately, we our experiment did not work.  Our slime recipe did not turn into slime. We talked about this was an example of chemistry and sometime in chemist we don’t get the reaction we want. Even though, our experiment did not work we had lots of fun.

Art – Monet

Year 6 have been focusing on Monet and Impressionism. Impressionism is an art movement which focused on capturing the impression of the moment, especially in terms of light and effect.  Over the past few weeks, Year 6 have carefully analysed a variety of Monet’s paintings and the techniques which he used.  We carefully mixed our colours using a paint pallet while adding dabs of paint to build up the colour.


In music we are focusing on the music of Carloe King.  We have been working hard to learn the song and music to You’ve Got A Friend, to develop our whole class performance.

Science – Adaptation investigation

In Science we are learning about Darwin and his investigations into how finches adapted to survive on the Galapagos Islands. We focused on how different beaks impacted the consumption of food.  We conducted a fair test to see how the small, pointed tip beaks compared with the wide tip beaked finches when eating smaller seeds on Island A compared to larger seeds on Island B.  Year 6 will share their finding with you.

Downs Syndrome Awareness Day

On 1st March, Year 6 started their Downs Syndrome Sunflower Challenge by planting their sunflower seed following Mrs Buckley’s assembly on Down Syndrome Awareness.  Over the next twenty-one days, Year 6 watched how their sunflowers started to bloom and grow at different times – just like us! On 21st March, we participated in the Rock Your Socks campaign and wore brightly coloured socks to promote Downs Syndrome Awareness; in class we also focused on inclusion for all.  We have carefully taken our sunflower home to nurture them over the next few months.

World Down Syndrome Day

For countdown to World Down Syndrome Day on Monday 21st March we are participating in the sunflower challenge.  On Monday 1st March the children each planted a sunflower seed in class and will watch how, just like them, they all grow and bloom in different ways over the next 21 days.


In English we are reading jack and the jelly beanstalk. As an introduction we examined jellybeans by touching and smelling them. We couldn’t eat them because they were magic and we didn’t know what would happen.