Science and Geography

As part of our Science and Geography topics we had a visit from Jane at Kingfisher Education yesterday and we spent the morning learning about water.

We started off with a discussion and then Jane asked us questions about water.

Some children stood up and held up cards about the water cycle and when we discussed what was happening, every time we said precipitation Jane sprayed us with water!

We then had a quiz and each time we got a question correct she gave us a card.  The whole class then ended up with a card and all of the cards then described the water cycle.  We were then challenged to get ourselves into the corrected.  We completed the challenge in under two minutes.

We then learnt about reservoirs and how dangerous they can be.

After that, Jane told us how water get to our houses and interestingly we looked at a real pipe.  We then discussed what should go down the drain and in the toilet.  Jane showed us a really gross image of how pipes can get clogged up and these are called ‘fat bergs.  We learnt that only the three ‘Ps’ should go down the toilet and that flushable wipes shouldn’t really be flushed in the toilet as they can cause blockages and we did a little experiment to highlight this.  We used two bottles filled with water and in one we placed toilet paper and in the other we placed a flushable wipe.  Two children then shook the bottles for one minute, whilst the rest of the class made flushing noises. We then discovered that the toilet paper had disintegrated however the flushable toilet wipe came out exactly the same as we when we put it in.   So, if you don’t want any blockages don’t put anything down the toilet other than the three ‘Ps.’

We joined in with a water cycle song and we even danced too!

We then worked out how much water we each use on a daily basis.  Surprisingly, we had some water wasters in class!  We then wrote some top tips to save water and we are all going to try to save more water.

Sadly, we watched a video about how water is not easily accessible for everyone in the world and that some people have to walk two hours to a watering hole every day to get just a fraction of the water that we use.  This highlighted just how lucky we are and we also learnt about the work of ‘Water Aid’

Throughout the morning, we learnt a lot and we had a lot of fun too.

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