Week 5

Week 5

Chinese New Year

This week the children learnt all about Chinese New Year and we celebrated the year of the Tiger. We found out that to prepare for Chinese New Year families clean their houses to get rid of bad luck, decorate their homes with lots of red and gold decorations and then celebrate with a family meal. To end the week of celebrations it is tradition to watch a Dragon and/or Lion Dance.



The children thought about who they would invite to their celebration and wrote invitations to those people. We read the story of The Tiger who came to Tea and discussed if we would invite the tiger to our party.

The children got to look at how people in China write as they write in mandarin. Some children chose to practise some mandarin and had a go at writing their names using the mandarin alphabet. Some letters are very tricky to write!



We found out that children who celebrate Chinese New Year are traditionally given money in red envelopes. In Maths the children 1:1 counted the coins they had been given and talked about what they would like to buy. The next day they got a choice of items to buy and they had to give Mrs Squibbs the correct amount of coins. The children could buy noodles, Chinese cake, chopsticks and much more.


Throughout the week children made and decorated lanterns and used chopsticks to pick up noodles. We looked at where China is using Google Earth and talked about how we would travel there. We also discussed how people who live in Oldham celebrate Chinese New Year and how we live in a diverse community.

Chinese New Year Meal

Tuesday 1st February was the official day for Chinese New Year 2022. On this day the children and teachers enjoyed a special meal where they had noodles and Chinese cake. The noodles were very popular with some children even asking for seconds, the cake, however, was not so popular but all the children had the confidence to try a little bite.


To finish the week we watched a video of a traditional dragon and lion dance.



During PE the children got to recreate a dragon dance and had lots of fun listening and dancing in response to the tambourine being played.

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