Week 6

Week 6

Our Space topic continued and this week we looked at the story of Aliens Love Underpants.



The story is full of cheeky aliens so the children got to create their own aliens, some had 4 eyes, 5 arms and even 10 legs!

As the aliens LOVE underpants so much we thought it would be a good idea to send them some underpants. Mrs Squibbs made an extra large pair of underpants for them and the children drew their faces on them. In case the aliens didn’t recognise the children from their drawings they attempted to write their names as well. Mrs Squibbs has sent the pants in a rocket to keep the aliens happy and hopefully stop them coming to take more underpants!



The aliens enjoy taking patterned underpants so this week the children had to match their underpants and then try and create an ABAB pattern using the underpants. The children sang the pattern to help them be able to extend it, eg stripes, spots, stripes, spots, stripes…


Expressive Arts

We looked at playing instruments this week and how music makes us feel. The children thoroughly enjoyed listening to ‘Gustav Holst – The Planets’ and from the video they could see how many instruments were being played. The children listened to the music and moved their bodies in a way to express how the music made them feel.

Have a listen to the music, it’s very powerful

Proms 2016 – Gustav Holst – The Planets [Edward Gardner, National Youth Orchestra] – YouTube



Understanding the World

The Nursery children were very excited to receive a letter from the aliens!

The letter explained that they needed help getting magnetic items back to their planet as they had dropped them when sneakily stealing underpants from Earth.

We explored magnetic and non-magnetic items and were intrigued to find that not all the metal coins were magnetic! Brass was not picked up by the magnet! We carefully sorted the different items into 2 different groups so we could send the magnetic items back to the aliens.



In PE the children got given their very own spaceship (hoop). The children whizzed round trying to avoid Mrs Squibbs who was tagging them. Once tagged the spaceships lost their power and the children had to stand still until Miss Beaty recharged their spaceships so they could zoom off again.

The children then practised their throwing skills. They threw beanbags into their spaceship and if they got 2 in they got to collect a new pair of underpants, which made them very happy.



During PSHE this week we looked at different products like laundry detergent, medicine, tablets, washing up liquid, etc. We discussed what they were. The children were interested in the white tablets as they thought they were sweets. We talked about how they should always ask before eating anything and we talked about why bottles have caps that are difficult to open for children.

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