Year 5 Science

We have been looking at reversible and irreversible changes. We experimented mixing bicarbonate of soda, white vinegar and milk, this helped us to investigate how some materials undergo a chemical change and a new product is formed.

A Boy Called Christmas Writing 

Everyone in Year Three has shown great pride with their narratives based on the first four chapters from our class book, A Boy Called Christmas. Everyone tried extremely hard with their presentation and thought very hard about the vocabulary they wanted to include in their writing to make it as exciting for the reader as possible.

Remember to keep practicing your handwriting at home!

Visit from Aunt Carlotta 

Year Three were excited to meet Aunt Carlotta, Nikolas’ auntie from our class book, A Boy Called Christmas. The class asked Aunt Carlotta lots of questions about her life and came up with a list of adjectives to describe the character.



Today we were visited from the Life Education SCARF PSHE service in our PSHE lesson.  In our session we focused on the choices which we make, the consequences of these (both positive and negative) and how we feel in different situations. We discussed peer group pressure and how to respond appropriately.

Design and Technology

Today Year 6 worked collaboratively to bake their own delicious bread rolls.  They measured their ingredients accurately, followed the instructions carefully, developed their kneading skills and worked hygienically. We are looking forward to adapting our bread recipe to design our own bread products next week.

Remembrance Day

Today we explored photos of the trenches from WWI and discussed how the soldiers lived in these conditions for many months whilst they fought.   We also explored the Christmas truce and the significance of this event.

Florence Nightingale

We have been soldiers who were injured and nurses who looked after the soldiers. We also made healthy soup for the soldiers and some medicine that Florence used.