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On Wednesday 20th July, Year 6 attended their Kingswood residential. Upon arrival we quickly participated in our first planned activity which was archery – we were incredibly competitive! Later on we celebrated our first night with a campfire, where we sang songs, shared jokes and celebrated a special birthday too!


On Thursday we had a busy schedule of events including: the zip wire, nightline, laser tag, 3G swing and an outdoors disco.  In all of the events we challenged ourselves and supported each other which was fabulous to see.


On our final day, we were challenged with building a raft which had to support our whole team.  First we designed our raft together, then we learnt about different knots which were essential when constructing our rafts.  On completion, we carefully carried our rafts to the waters edge and boarded them.  We were thrilled that our rafts stayed afloat!


We all had an amazing time and made lots of special class memories together.  We would like to thank the Kingswood staff who were friendly, supportive and fun during our stay.


These three boys worked collaboratively across the whole of a day to create this fabulous model pirate ship complete with a plank for pirates’ enemies to walk along.

Design and Technology

Year 6 accepted the challenge of designing and constructing their own suspension bridges this week.  However they could only use paper straws, string, paper and tape.  With excellent teamwork and resilience, everybody was impressed with their bridges and the amount of weight which they could support too.



Year 6 have been working with Mr Jackson to improve their technique in a range of athletic events.  Looking at the photographs, you can see the sheer determination to improve with each attempt! Well done Year 6!

CPR training

Year 6 have been busy learning the six steps of CPR. We understand that cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a lifesaving technique which is very useful in many emergencies, in which someone’s breathing or heartbeat has stopped.

Clip ‘N Climb

Year 6 challenged themselves a completely different way today, when we visited Clip ‘N Climb! Everybody showed superb communication, teamwork and resilience skills to step out of their comfort zone and to try a new challenge. It was amazing to see how the children all developed in both climbing techniques and confidence from the start of the session to the end. Some pupils even climbed up the challenging walls blindfolded and backwards too!

Year 6 made me incredibly proud to be their teacher!  The level of support and encouragements which they showed each other was amazing!  Well done Year 6!

Design Technology

Year 6 have been investigating how bridges are constructed and analysing the effectiveness of each design.  In this lesson we explored ways in which trusses are used to strengthen bridges.  We selected to create either a lattice, warren or pratt truss and then carefully measured the amount of weight which it could support.  Some of our truss bridges surprised us! Take a look at our photographs!


Over the half term, Year 6 have been developing their throwing, catching, fielding and batting skills.   We then incorporated these skills into our rounders matches.  We understood how teamwork and communication was essential for the team to work well together.

Design and Technology

As part of our Design and technology work , we have designed and created vases using clay. Here are our sculptures. When they have fully dried we will use various techniques to paint and decorate them.