Year 1 have been working hard in maths this week using the symbols + and = to write and solve number sentences.

We’ve also been making our own number lines and thinking where the numbers we chose would go.

Ancient Greek Day

On Monday, Tony North visited our class and we had a brilliant day learning more about the Ancient Greeks.  In the morning, we worked together to build a model of the Parthenon.  In the afternoon, we rehearsed a Greek Myth and then we performed it for Year 5.  We all had a fantastic time and Year 5 enjoyed watching us perform.


In year six we have been learning about how Muslims show commitment to God, focusing on the 5 pillars of Islam.
This week we learned about Salah (prayer) this is one of the five  pillars. Some children  bought in the outfits that they wear to the mosque and dressed up, showing the class first hand how prayer would be performed in the mosque on prayer mats. Children had the opportunity to try on some of the clothing if they wished.


In RE year 4 have been learning about the special relationship Jews have with God.
This week we have been learning about the Torah the Jewish holy book and how Jewish families look after the Torah and where it is kept in the Synagogue.
Children had the opportunity to look at the Torah and use the Yad to follow some of the beautiful Hebrew text.