In history we are learning about changes in living memory.  We have looked at teddy bears and how they have changed over the years since our great grandparents were born.  Mrs Dinsdale came in to talk about her daddy’s teddy bear that was bought in 1928.  It is called a Jopi Bear.


First News

We love reading the weekly First News newspaper!

One of the reason they want to read First News is because ‘the pictures are attractive and the articles are interesting.’

An article recently enjoyed was ‘England Glory’ because they like reading about sport.

The comprehension activities that accompany the magazine are challenging and really make us think.

Welcome LUNA & LEO

Year 1 would like to introduce our class reading buddies Luna and Leo.  Everyday our buddies will go home with a different child to join in with their reading.  Please look after them and return them the following day.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Kindon and Mrs Allen


Guess Mrs Carey’s animal

Reception asked some fantastic questions to try and guess my animal. Here are some of their questions:

Is it stripy?

Does it have 3 legs?

Can it fly?

Is it spiky?

Does it have fur?

Can it walk?

Is it small?

Does it have a shell?

Does it have a horn?

Does it have 3 heads?

Can it swim?

Can it jump?

Is it brown?

Can you guess what is was? Someone in reception did!

Science and halloween

On Friday 27th October, Year 2 got to come to school dressed in our Halloween costumes, we all looked very scary. We also got to decorate a biscuit, then we ate them and they were delicious!

In the afternoon we did Science experiments. We mixed different powders with water to see what happened, we used salt, flour and soda powder to see what reactions we had. We predicted what we thought would happen with each one first, then did the experiment and wrote down our results.

We had lots of fun and learnt lots!