Time travel

For our time travel topic, year one have been researching the traditions of weddings over the decades.

We have researched Queen Elizabeth’s wedding and looked through photographs of the class’ relatives on their wedding day.  The children noticed some differences between the photographs and video clips of Queen Elizabeth’s wedding compared to Prince Harry’s wedding that took place last week.  The class noticed that photographs from the 1940’s were in black and white and the newlyweds did not smile. We also pretended to have our own wedding and completed a few traditions which still take place today, such as: throwing the bouquet, bridesmaids holding the bride’s train, throwing confetti and listening to organ music.

Thank you for bringing in your photographs the children enjoyed looking through them.

science centre

On Monday 21st May 2018 y3 went on a school trip to the Regional Science Centre. so what we did was we made some flowers boxes.And then we cut some tulips up and the teacher Miss Judge asked to look inside the flower.

At the end she did an experiment. What happened is she had a Bunsen burner, some matches, some liquid and a can. She put the can on the Bunsen burner with some liquid and the matches heated the can and she put the can in the water and the can got crushed.




We had fun this afternoon making our torches.  We were all very good at making the circuits but it was very tricky putting it into the toothpaste box, we had to have a lot of patience.  We are really pleased with the finished results.

Year 4



We have been having a lot of fun today in science.  First we were given some equipment and we had to work out how to make a circuit to light a bulb and we then drew a diagram.  After that we were given ten cards with diagrams of different circuits, we had to predict whether the bulb would light or not and then we had to make the circuit to see if our predictions were correct.

Year 4

Alien Crash Landing!

On Wednesday 25th April 2018, an unidentified spaceship crashed onto Thorp School’s playground and left some bizarre items behind. Year 1 were quick to investigate the scene. Using clipboards and iPads the children were able to create a list of evidence that they found outside and think about where it all came from. The children then created their own questions for the police to use in their investigation and discussed the possible answers.


Year 1 have finished and evaluated their hand puppets that they have made in their design &technology sessions over the last couple of weeks. They then decided to write a script and perform it in the puppet theatre using the character puppets that they had made. What a great afternoon!

Regional Science Centre

On the 23rd April, Year 5 went to the Regional Science Centre to take part in a mixing and dissolving investigation.  We had to separate a mixture of rock salt and sand.  We did this by filtering and by evaporating the salt solution using a Bunsen burner.

We are looking forward to the next few sessions with Miss Judge.

By Year 5

Spring is here!

It was a lovely sunny day today and Year 1 decided to do some planting.  We planted seeds and our bean stalks in plant pots outside on our playground. We used: gardening gloves, water, soil, plant pots and seeds.

Year 1 have been discussing what the seeds may grow into and here are some of our great ideas: “beans”, “peas”, “peas in a pod”, “strawberries”, “potatoes”, “a magic beanstalk” and “flowers”.

The sun has got his hat on and so have Year 1 (Please remember to bring your hats for these sunny days).

Choral Speaking

On Friday the 23rd of March 2018, Year Four and Year Two went on an exciting trip to Oldham Coliseum to experience Choral speaking. Choral speaking is where groups of people get together to recite poems. Year Two performed one long poem (The Great Fire of London) and one shorter poem (The Owl and the Astronaut). Year four followed the same pattern. Their poems were The Owl and the Pussycat and The Further Adventures of the Owl and the Pussycat. We all had a fantastic time and we performed really well.  Mrs Pollitt was very proud of all of us.  On the 27th of March both classes performed to the whole school and they are both very proud of themselves.  Both classes really enjoyed doing the Choral speaking and would really like to do it again.

By Charlie K