Year 3


Hello and welcome to Year 3. Our teacher is Mrs. Tomlinson. We are looking forward to an exciting and successful year. There are lots of interesting topics we will be studying and lots of new skills we will be developing. We will be beginning by learning about food and nutrition. This will include learning about different food groups, how to have a healthy, balanced diet and planning and making a pizza. We will also be learning about the UK,  looking at maps and learning where towns and cities are located. There will be opportunities to learn brand new skills, such as French and violins. So keep your eyes and ears open to find out how we are getting on with this! Also, we will be participating in the Schools’ Linking Project and so we will have the chance to meet other children that go to school in Oldham and do some activities together. We have an action packed year ahead of us, so watch this space to discover what we have been up to.