Nursery children have been drawing self-portraits this week. The children looked in a mirror to see what colour their skin, eyes and hair colour was. We talked about how we are all different and we are all special.

Shape Houses

This week the children have been reading the story “The Three Little Pigs.”

Here they have been building houses for the little pigs using different shapes. Some children have added a pig to their picture too.

Christmas Tree maths

Nursery children have painted Christmas trees and then decorated them with stars, baubles and pompoms. They counted the baubles and answered questions like, “How many red baubles do you have on your tree?” and “How many would there be if you had one more?”

writing numerals

These children have been practising writing numerals on their whiteboards. First they traced over them and then they had a go at copying them.


In Early Years we have been reading a book called “Rotten Island.” In this book there are lots of different monsters.

Nursery children have all thought about their own monster; answering questions like “How many legs will it have?” “What colour will it be?” Then they painted their monsters.


The children have been looking for numerals in the environment. We found some outside and some inside the classroom.

Some children then had a go at ordering their numerals. These children really impressed me!


This week we have been learning about dinosaurs.

The children have been painting pictures of dinosaurs, cutting out dinosaur shapes and making dinosaurs with mathematical shapes.


This week the children have been learning how to use our computers.

They have been playing a game called “Beep” where you have to choose different clothes for the character.


The children in Nursery have been sorting animals by colour and by size. They have been using words such as “small”, “little”, “big”, “large” and “medium-sized”.