Reception have really enjoyed PE this half term with OACT. We have been practising moving around the hall safely and getting into a space without bumping into anyone. We have also been getting dressed and undressed without too much adult support, well done everyone!

World Book Day

For world book day we dressed up as characters from Eric Carle stories. We have been sharing lots of Eric Carle stories like, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Very Busy Spider, Mister Seahorse and The Bad Tempered Ladybird. We also painted seahorses in the style of Eric Carle.

Science week

During ‘British Science Week’ Reception read Mr Archimedes’ Bath. We all had lots of ideas as to why the level of the water went up and down. We had a go at adding animals to a bath to watch the water rise and overflow. We then had two cups of water and added marbles to one and cotton wool to another. We were amazed with what happened!

Look After Yourself

During the last week of half term our focus was ‘Look After Yourself’. Each class had a trip on the Life Education Bus and we did lots of activities throughout the week to support our PSE curriculum. One of our favourite activities is where we all painted a picture of ourselves and looked in a mirror to see what colour our eyes and hair is. We tried hard to paint our body parts in the correct place and discussed the fact our arms do not come out of our head! We have had great fun this week. We looked at how we are all different, things we are good at and what makes us special.

Life Ed Bus

On Tuesday 6th February, Reception went onto the Life Education Bus. We found out all about our body and what happens when you exercise. Katherine and Maddox knew that your heart beats faster when you exercise or run really fast, Ruby knew that your heart pumps blood around the body.

We also met Gerald the Giraffe and found out about his morning routines and how he keeps clean. We talked about washing our hands after we have been to the toilet, washing our hair and body to keep it clean and how important it is to brush our teeth.

Finally we discussed why it is important to get a good night’s sleep. We now know that we grow when we are asleep and we shouldn’t mess about when it is time to go to sleep.


This week Reception have read Goldilocks and the 3 bears. We have acted out the story and have been trying hard with our writing. Today we tasted porridge and pretended to be either a bear or Goldilocks. We also had a drizzle of honey on our porridge.

Starry Night

The children in Nursery and Reception have looked at the painting ‘Starry Night’ by Vincent Van Gogh. We have mixed our own shades of blue using white to make it lighter. We used wave and swirl movements to make our paintings.

We have also used ‘Colour Magic’ on the computer to create our own Van Gogh pictures