World Book Day

Today we have really enjoyed world book day. We had miss Taylor from year 3 read a story to us. This afternoon some year 6’s came to read to us.


This week we are looking at shapes (circle, square, rectangle, triangle) naming them and describing them. We have also introduced a hexagon.

Dough Disco

Reception enjoy their dough disco sessions. It helps strengthen the muscles in our fingers. You can try it at home. All you need is a pot of play dough and you tube (search dough disco). Even some of nursery came and joined us!


Reception have really enjoyed PE this half term with OACT. We have been practising moving around the hall safely and getting into a space without bumping into anyone. We have also been getting dressed and undressed without too much adult support, well done everyone!


Reception children have been out and about in the environment looking for shapes. We found some classroom objects that are the same shapes we have been learning about.