Balance Bike Training

Day 1 and 2

Reception children really enjoyed the 3 days we had on our balance bikes.

First we had to put on the correct size helmet and get on a bike that was a suitable size. When we were ready, we woke our bikes up and climbed on them. Over the two days we practised going round the hall and finding our balance. By the end of day 2 we could push our feet off the ground and ride around the playground.

Guess Mrs Carey’s animal

Reception asked some fantastic questions to try and guess my animal. Here are some of their questions:

Is it stripy?

Does it have 3 legs?

Can it fly?

Is it spiky?

Does it have fur?

Can it walk?

Is it small?

Does it have a shell?

Does it have a horn?

Does it have 3 heads?

Can it swim?

Can it jump?

Is it brown?

Can you guess what is was? Someone in reception did!

PE lessons

Today we have completed our 3rd PE lesson. The children are getting much better at getting dressed and undressed and we are having more time in the hall each week. Please remember if your child comes home with uniform on inside out or back to front then this is what they need help with at home.

In PE we are concentrating on games and moving into a space. Ask your children some of the games we have been playing and let me know what they say by replying to this blog!


We have worked very hard on our two new displays. The rocket display was inspired by Jill Murphy’s ‘Whatever Next’ book. We read this book and decided where we would want to go in our own rocket. We then painted our own rockets.

Our second display was inspired by reading ‘Aliens love Underpants’ and ‘Along came the Aliens’ we painted our own aliens. Some had 2, 3, or 4 heads and some had more than 2 eyes.

Reception week 1

We have had a very busy first week. Everybody has tried hard with their lunches and we have all made lots of new friends.

Today we enjoyed our first ‘dough disco’ which is a program that will help strengthen our fingers to make us better writers.

Well done to Hallie and Will who got the first Reception ‘Good Work’ certificates. It was very hard to choose because everyone has worked so hard


Last week we had been working very hard on addition. We all found it quite hard to start with and have learnt some new words such as, equals and add. We have also learnt the symbols = +.

Some children have been writing their own number sentence and some children have been counting groups of objects.

We have also been looking at houses around the world and thought about what it would be like to live in houses such as; an apartment, a mud hut, a beach house, a house on stilts and an igloo. Ask your child which house they would like to live in and why?