Design & Technology

For our first D.T lesson this half term we explored different story books that used a variety of mechanisms to make their stories exciting for the readers. By the end of this half term, we will have designed and created our own story book with mechanisms inside!

Design and Technology

Year 6 accepted the challenge of designing and constructing their own suspension bridges this week.  However they could only use paper straws, string, paper and tape.  With excellent teamwork and resilience, everybody was impressed with their bridges and the amount of weight which they could support too.


We had a very fun science lesson today, we were investigating if temperature effects the speed at which chocolate melts. We planned our investigations in groups and then we carried out the investigation.

Year 4


We had a very fun science lesson today, we were trying to find out if gases weigh anything.  We tested this by weighing a balloon and then we inflated the balloon and we weighed it again and it was 1g heavier.  We then investigated if carbon dioxide weighs anything.  Each group had a bottle of lemonade.  We weighed the bottle and recorded the weight.  After that we took it in turn to shake the bottle and we let it settle, we then opened the lid and allowed some of the gas to escape. We then weighed the bottle again and it was lighter.  Both of these investigations prove that gases do weigh something.

Year 4

World Bok Day

Year 5 have dressed up as characters from ‘Who let the gods out?’ By @MaryAliceEvans and characters from ‘Beetle Boy’ by @MGLnrd

We are really enjoying these books and are currently writing a new chapter for ‘Who let the gods out?’ #WorldBookDay

By Matthew and Olivia



In Maths we have been giving and following directions, including clockwise, anticlockwise, ½ turn, ¼ turn and ¾ turn.  We all really enjoyed this and we now think that we are really good at it.

Thorp World book day

Today we are all dressed up for world book day. All the classes have got a class author and are dressing up as a character from one of their books. My class’s author is Michael Morpurgo and I have dressed up as Ocky from Mr Nobody’s eyes. My favourite Michael Morpurgo book is The Eagle in the Snow or Waiting for Anya.
By Scarlett😜😊😄