We had a very fun science lesson today, we were investigating if temperature effects the speed at which chocolate melts. We planned our investigations in groups and then we carried out the investigation.

Year 4


We had a very fun science lesson today, we were trying to find out if gases weigh anything.  We tested this by weighing a balloon and then we inflated the balloon and we weighed it again and it was 1g heavier.  We then investigated if carbon dioxide weighs anything.  Each group had a bottle of lemonade.  We weighed the bottle and recorded the weight.  After that we took it in turn to shake the bottle and we let it settle, we then opened the lid and allowed some of the gas to escape. We then weighed the bottle again and it was lighter.  Both of these investigations prove that gases do weigh something.

Year 4

World Bok Day

Year 5 have dressed up as characters from ‘Who let the gods out?’ By @MaryAliceEvans and characters from ‘Beetle Boy’ by @MGLnrd

We are really enjoying these books and are currently writing a new chapter for ‘Who let the gods out?’ #WorldBookDay

By Matthew and Olivia



In Maths we have been giving and following directions, including clockwise, anticlockwise, ½ turn, ¼ turn and ¾ turn.  We all really enjoyed this and we now think that we are really good at it.

Thorp World book day

Today we are all dressed up for world book day. All the classes have got a class author and are dressing up as a character from one of their books. My class’s author is Michael Morpurgo and I have dressed up as Ocky from Mr Nobody’s eyes. My favourite Michael Morpurgo book is The Eagle in the Snow or Waiting for Anya.
By Scarlett😜😊😄


Previous Clubs at school

Last academic year (2015-16) the clubs we have run have been:

Tuesday after school-Rounders for Years 5/6 with Miss Heslop

Wednesday morning before school Years 3/4 Zumba with Sharon Oakley

Wednesday after school- Cricket for Years 3/4 with Mr Lengden and Mr Bottomley

Thursday after school-Netball for Year 5 and 6 girls with Mrs Grayson

Friday after school-Athletics for Years 3/4 with Miss Heslop

Oldham School’s cross country races. the club is run at lunchtimes on the week preceding the next race, and is available to all children in key stage 2.

cricket for year 5/6 with Mr Bottomley and Mr Lengden

gym for Year 1 with Miss Heslop

football for year 2 with Miss Heslop

Dance Club for year 5/6 with Millie Cuncliffe

Gymnastics for Year 3/4 children and year 2 with Ms Heslop

football skills for year 1 children with Ms Heslop

Rock and Roll Dancing  for Year 5/6 children with Ms Heslop

Sports club for Year 1 and Sports club for Year 2 with Miss Heslop

yoga for years 3,4 5 and 6 with Miss Heslop

football for Key Stage 2 girls with Mr Bottomley and Mr Lengden

Football for key stage 2 boys with Mr Bottomley and Mr Lengden

Art club for year 3 with Miss Marland


Zumba club

Over the last few weeks, we have been involved in a before school Zumba club. We have learnt two dances and got to perform in front of the whole school. We really enjoyed working with Sharon.

by Willow and Isla

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Trip to the Civic Centre

On the 13th October 2015 School Council went to the Civic Centre to meet the Mayor of Oldham, Ateeque Ur-Rehman, and the Youth Mayor Saskia Edwards Korolczuk. We went with Miss Bowers and Mrs Lutley.

First, we went into the Council Chambers where we got to sit in the councillors chairs. Mr Dean, the Mayors Attendant, knocked loudly on the door and we all had to stand up as the Mayor and Youth Mayor entered. After we had sat back down the Mayor asked for questions. When we asked a question we had to push a button for our microphone to work, after we had asked the question we had to press the button again, and then the Mayor pressed his button and answered.

We found out the three main things he does as the Mayor;

  • Raise money for charity
  • He represents Oldham at events, like opening new buildings
  • He receives special visitors like Dr Brian Cox and welcomes them to Oldham

We also found out that he wears a special chain made of gold which weighs 3.5kgs to show that he I s the mayor. Mr Dean drives him to events in a special Mayoral car. In 1974 the Civic Centre was opened by HRH The Queen Mother. When she put the ceremonial key in the lock it snapped! His wife, the Mayoress has a chain with 16 diamonds and other jewels in. We also found out that Alexanders Great Uncle was the Mayor in the 1990s. In the Chamber there was a large Oldham Crest. We found out that in 1974 The Queen decided that Oldham Metropolitan Council should be formed and so the made up from all the different small crests of all the districts. We spotted Royton’s crest on the staircase wall.

We also had a vote in the chamber where we had to decide if we wanted a cinema, a theatre or a sports centre. We had to vote on slips and put them in a ballot box. The Sports centre won, but the Mayor told us that another sports centre is being built, a cinema is being built and the Coliseum Theatre is going to be renovated.

We looked in all the cabinets along the corridor and talked about the items. We then went into the Mayors Parlour and had a drink and biscuits whilst sat on comfy sofas. We were all very polite and the Mayor complimented us on our behaviour and questions.

We had lots of fun and learnt a lot about Oldham’s council and its history. The Mayor and Youth Mayor said our school council is like the Oldham Council because it has agenda’s, minutes, a constitution and an Executive Body. We hope we can see the Mayor again and some of us are thinking about being in the Youth Council when we are older.School council Mayoral visit 033School council Mayoral visit 011 School council Mayoral visit 013 School council Mayoral visit 010 School council Mayoral visit 009School council Mayoral visit 015   School council Mayoral visit 019School council Mayoral visit 022School council Mayoral visit 026