In English we are reading jack and the jelly beanstalk. As an introduction we examined jellybeans by touching and smelling them. We couldn’t eat them because they were magic and we didn’t know what would happen.


Year 1 have made a great start to their DT topic of Mechanisms. They have made and used sliders to create moving pictures.


In Maths we have been looking at part, part whole models and using counters to find the total. We have also been using these models to find missing parts.

Frida Carlo

Year 1 enjoyed learning about the artist Frida Carlo. We used her inspiration to draw our own self-portraits in her style.

Science – Fruit and Vegetables

This week Year 1 have started their new science topic learning about plants. Today they were looking closely and examining some fruit and vegetables that grow on plants and trees. Magnifying glasses were used to help to really see up close the inside of the fruit and veg.

We have some great artists in Year 1. Some of the detailed paintings of the fruit were amazing.


Grteast guided reading in Y1 today. Even thought here is lots of exciting things going on at this time of year, we are making sure we still do our learning and reading is an important skill for us!

The Tiger Who Came To Tea

We have been looking at the story The tiger Who Came To To Tea our English lessons. We have been looking at the story on a story mountain and using this to help us perform the story in small groups!