Homelearning projects

Mrs Allen and Mrs Kindon are so proud of year 1 and their home learning projects featuring their gardens. They have worked ever so hard and the results are amazing! All the projects have added so much to our topic work. Thank you to all of our families who participated with their Y1 children.

Home learning project

This term, as part of our science work we will be looking at, identifying and naming a variety of plants and trees that grow in our gardens, around our homes and around our school.

Your task is to discover a little bit about the things that are growing in your garden or in a local park and bring what you have learnt into school by Monday 20th March 2017.

Ideas could include:

Make a model of your garden or a garden that you would like to visit.

Take photos of things that grow in your garden or near to where you live and write labels/captions/sentences to accompany them.

Design and make a poster to show what you have discovered.

Have fun!

Mrs Allen

A Sound Collector at School

Mrs Allen is so proud of the Year 1 children. This week they followed the pattern of the original poem by Roger McGough, to write their own class poem. They even managed to perform it with actions! WOW!

A teacher called this morning

Dressed all in black and grey

Put every sound into a bag

And carried it away.


The munching of the food

The clicking of the benches

The scraping of the plates

The rumbling of the tummies.


The banging of the dinner ladies feet

The complaining of Colby

The crunching of the crisps

The clicking of the knives and forks.


The scraping of the slide

The stomping of the boys

The skipping of the children

The shouting of the children.


The fizzling of the pan

The sizzling of the chips

The swirling of the spoon

The clinking of the forks.


The ringing of the phone

The beeping of the printer

The noise of all the grown ups

The squeaking of the door.


A teacher called this morning

He didn’t leave his name

Left us only silence

School will never be the same.



Year 1 have been planting sun flower and cress seeds. We put some of them in the light and gave them water. The others went in the cupboard with no water. The seeds in the light are growing tall but the seeds in the cupboard are not growing.


year 1b year 1 Year 1d Year 1c

We have written instructions to tell you how to grow a sun flower. We put a title at the top of our work. Then we made a list of all the things we need. Next we used time adverbials to write the instructions.

year 1e

By Anastasia