In history we are learning about changes in living memory.  We have looked at teddy bears and how they have changed over the years since our great grandparents were born.  Mrs Dinsdale came in to talk about her daddy’s teddy bear that was bought in 1928.  It is called a Jopi Bear.


Welcome LUNA & LEO

Year 1 would like to introduce our class reading buddies Luna and Leo.  Everyday our buddies will go home with a different child to join in with their reading.  Please look after them and return them the following day.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Kindon and Mrs Allen



On Wednesday we were looking closely at the autumn leaves using the magnifying glasses. We then carefully used pencil and felt tip to do some fantastic line drawings of the leaves in our sketch books.


We have started looking at instructional texts in English.  We looked at the features as we read which will help us to write our own texts in the coming weeks.

Today we followed some simple instructions on how to make a picture puzzle.  It wasn’t as easy as we thought!


More maths

In maths we have been reasoning with numbers.  We had the digit cards 0 – 9 and had to make different number sentences using the cards only once.  It was tricky not repeating ourselves but lots of fun!