Time travel

For our time travel topic, year one have been researching the traditions of weddings over the decades.

We have researched Queen Elizabeth’s wedding and looked through photographs of the class’ relatives on their wedding day.  The children noticed some differences between the photographs and video clips of Queen Elizabeth’s wedding compared to Prince Harry’s wedding that took place last week.  The class noticed that photographs from the 1940’s were in black and white and the newlyweds did not smile. We also pretended to have our own wedding and completed a few traditions which still take place today, such as: throwing the bouquet, bridesmaids holding the bride’s train, throwing confetti and listening to organ music.

Thank you for bringing in your photographs the children enjoyed looking through them.

Alien Crash Landing!

On Wednesday 25th April 2018, an unidentified spaceship crashed onto Thorp School’s playground and left some bizarre items behind. Year 1 were quick to investigate the scene. Using clipboards and iPads the children were able to create a list of evidence that they found outside and think about where it all came from. The children then created their own questions for the police to use in their investigation and discussed the possible answers.


Year 1 have finished and evaluated their hand puppets that they have made in their design &technology sessions over the last couple of weeks. They then decided to write a script and perform it in the puppet theatre using the character puppets that they had made. What a great afternoon!

Spring is here!

It was a lovely sunny day today and Year 1 decided to do some planting.  We planted seeds and our bean stalks in plant pots outside on our playground. We used: gardening gloves, water, soil, plant pots and seeds.

Year 1 have been discussing what the seeds may grow into and here are some of our great ideas: “beans”, “peas”, “peas in a pod”, “strawberries”, “potatoes”, “a magic beanstalk” and “flowers”.

The sun has got his hat on and so have Year 1 (Please remember to bring your hats for these sunny days).

International Women’s Day

In history we have been learning about significant people.  We have learnt about Ann Daniels who was the first woman to walk to both the North and South Poles.  One her expedition the weather was cold, windy and the conditions were difficult.  At one point Ann and her team mates couldn’t put their tent up because of the wind so they huddled together under it.  We tried to experience what this would have been like by all getting under a parachute.  It was hot!  We thought about how Ann would have felt and what kept them going to achieve their goal.  We have written a letter to her and are waiting for a reply.


It was good learning about Ann today because it is International Women’s Day and she has made the Guinness Book of Records for her achievement!


In science we have started to investigate everyday materials. We have looked around the classroom to see if we could find objects made from materials such as wood, plastic, glass, stone, fabric. We got off to a great start identifying lots of items and the materials they were made from.

I wonder if they can carry on their search for items made of different materials at home?