Design Technology

This week in school we did design technology linked to our history learning about the Wright brothers first aircraft flight in 1903. We all made our own moving picture using a slider mechanism. If was a bit tricky in places but everyone got a final picture they were proud of!

They were all so fabulous we couldn’t decide whose should go on the website! Ask us about them

Road safety

Road safety training.
We had a great afternoon on Thursday learning about road safety in year 1.  We learnt the 4 important rules:
1-stop. 2- look. 3-listen. 4-think.
Then we put this into practise when we crossed roads around our school.  Back in the classroom we talked about safe places to cross and looked at different types of crossing. At the end of the day we all got a certificate to say we a experts at crossing the road!

Year 1 had a fantastic day at the Visitor Runway Park at Manchester Airport on Monday. We learnt all about the different jobs that people do at the airport and took the controls on the flight deck to take off and land an aeroplane on imaginary journeys.

We saw the fastest aeroplane in the world, Concorde, but just missed seeing the biggest aeroplane in the world as it landed 15 minutes early!

A new baby!

We have been learning about the chronology of the royal family and have been excited to hear the news about the new royal baby. We made our own maps to send to the Queen so she can find her way to meet her new great grandson.


Year 1 are designing and making their own hand puppets. So far we have been practising our sewing skills and trying out the different techniques that we can use to join our pieces of fabric together. Our finger puppets were a great success so we are sure that the hand puppets will be fabulous!

Significant people

In history we are learning about significant people. We have studied Florence Nightingale- she even came to our class to see us and tell us about her life. We learnt what hospitals were like in the Victorian times and how Florence improved them during her visit to Scutari when she helped the injured soldiers in the Crimean war.