new classmates!

The chicks have been able to come out and play with the year one children. They will be in the class until Friday 15th February with the children learning how to look after them. The children were very gentle and careful whilst handling them.

Year 1 Phonics Drop in Session

Some of our parents came into class to do phonics with us on Friday.  The children got to show them how they are learning to read and some of the different activities that they do in phonics.  The grown ups were very impressed with how well everyone worked and some of the tricky sounds they know.  Everyone enjoyed working together!


In PE we have been doing gymnastics.  We are learning how to jump and land on 2 feet safely.  We chose how high we wanted to jump – it was scarier than we thought at first but after a little encouragement we all managed a jump from the height of our choice.  It was a fun lesson.


To finish our geography learning off we have identified the scruffiest area in our school environment – right outside our classroom! We have cleared away some rubbish already and over the coming months we will decide how we can make this space better.