World Book Day

Year 2 have been celebrating World Book Day today and have been inspired by our class author, Julia Donaldson. How many characters can you spot in our picture? We have completed lots of activities, including making a talking book, changing the expression and volume in our voices.



Year 2 have been working on structures in DT based on their shape work in Maths. They have been building their own versions of old St Paul’s which burned down during the Great Fire of London. The bonus is we get to eat the marshmallows after!


This week in Maths we have been learning how to divide. We used lots of different apparatus to help us with this. We looked at number families and the relationship they have with each other, this helps us when problem solving.


Science and halloween

On Friday 27th October, Year 2 got to come to school dressed in our Halloween costumes, we all looked very scary. We also got to decorate a biscuit, then we ate them and they were delicious!

In the afternoon we did Science experiments. We mixed different powders with water to see what happened, we used salt, flour and soda powder to see what reactions we had. We predicted what we thought would happen with each one first, then did the experiment and wrote down our results.

We had lots of fun and learnt lots!

Horton Mill Visit

On Thursday 19th October we had a visit from the Year 2 Horton Mill class and we loved it. It gave us all the chance to do some fun activities and make some new friends.

In the morning we had a sports coach come in and we did some fun ball activities. We had to work in teams to complete lots of different challenges. In the afternoon we paired up with someone from Horton Mill so we could find out all about each other and fill in our ‘All About Us’ work sheets.

We really enjoyed it and cannot wait to see our new friends again!


On Monday 9th October Year 2 went on the Gruffalo Trail at Chadderton Park.

We had three tasks we had to do throughout the day. Our first task was to make a picture of the Gruffalo using things we could find in the park, like leaves, twigs and flowers.

Next we had to make a den like the log pile house the snake lives in, we used string and plastic sheets to make our dens.

For the last activity we were blindfolded and had to make our way round a track with the help of our friend. Once all the tasks were completed we managed to find the Gruffalo and we all had a picture with him. We had a really great day!

Fruit Kebabs

Yesterday we had a brilliant time making Tropical Fruit Kebabs.  We used tropical fruit because we linked it to our topic work all about the Amazon Rainforest.  First we tasted some fruit, then we designed our own kebab, then we made our kebab and finally we evaluated it.  What a fantastic afternoon we had!

Linking project

On Thursday 23rd March our penpals came to visit us from Horton Mill School.  We had a brilliant day.  We did Zumba in the morning, we had a lovely packed lunch together and we played very nicely together outside.  In the afternoon two special visitors came in to talk to us about the similarities between the religions of Christianity and Islam. After that we played some circle games and then it was time for Horton Mill to go back to their school.  What a fantastic day we all had!  We hope that we will meet our friends again sometime.