Fruit Kebabs

Yesterday we had a brilliant time making Tropical Fruit Kebabs.  We used tropical fruit because we linked it to our topic work all about the Amazon Rainforest.  First we tasted some fruit, then we designed our own kebab, then we made our kebab and finally we evaluated it.  What a fantastic afternoon we had!

Linking project

On Thursday 23rd March our penpals came to visit us from Horton Mill School.  We had a brilliant day.  We did Zumba in the morning, we had a lovely packed lunch together and we played very nicely together outside.  In the afternoon two special visitors came in to talk to us about the similarities between the religions of Christianity and Islam. After that we played some circle games and then it was time for Horton Mill to go back to their school.  What a fantastic day we all had!  We hope that we will meet our friends again sometime.


  We have been doing lots of work about money.  We have been adding up amounts of money and giving change.  We have also been finding different combinations of an amount of money.


  As part of our science topic we have been learning about how keeping clean can help to keep us healthy.


We did an experiment about germs.  We put gel and glitter on one person’s hand to pretend that they had germs.  They then shook hands with someone else and then they shook hands with someone else and this carried on around the class.  The last person had glitter on their hands showing us that germs spread.


We found out that germs can spread very easily so we thought about how to keep them away.


We all now know what we should do to keep germs away!

Christmas party

We had a great time at our Christmas party yesterday. We played lots of games like musical chairs, pass the parcel, musical statues and corners. We also had some party food too. What a wonderful time we had at the party!
From Year 2

Christmas Show

We had a lot of fun performing the Nativity this year which was called ‘Christmas Counts’. It helped us to remember why Christmas is celebrated and why Christmas counts for everyone. We all worked hard and tried our best.  Mrs Pollitt was really proud of us.  Thank you for coming to watch us and we hope that you enjoyed it.

From Year 2