A Boy Called Christmas Writing 

Everyone in Year Three has shown great pride with their narratives based on the first four chapters from our class book, A Boy Called Christmas. Everyone tried extremely hard with their presentation and thought very hard about the vocabulary they wanted to include in their writing to make it as exciting for the reader as possible.

Remember to keep practicing your handwriting at home!

Visit from Aunt Carlotta 

Year Three were excited to meet Aunt Carlotta, Nikolas’ auntie from our class book, A Boy Called Christmas. The class asked Aunt Carlotta lots of questions about her life and came up with a list of adjectives to describe the character.


Design & Technology

For our first D.T lesson this half term we explored different story books that used a variety of mechanisms to make their stories exciting for the readers. By the end of this half term, we will have designed and created our own story book with mechanisms inside!


For our first geography lesson this term, we used atlases to locate mountain ranges in the world and drew them on a world map.

Black History Month

For Black History Month, Year 3 focused on the life and work of Mary Seacole. The class created a two-page spread about the inspiring woman, including lots of facts and information they collected through independent research.


Tin Forest Poems

Year Three worked very hard over the last week of half term, focusing on the book Tin Forest by Helen Ward. We looked at the vocabulary found in the text and used thesauruses to create exciting descriptions to use in our own acrostic poems. Everyone was very proud of their final poems.


Final History lesson this half term, we researched Stonehenge and created a two-page spread, including facts about: when Stonehenge was built, where Stonehenge is, what Stonehenge was used for and a fun did you know? Everyone enjoyed presenting their research in their own layout and drawing diagrams and timelines to match their information.  We also created Stonehenge silhouette paintings as part of our reward afternoon for this half term. 

For our 

Tangram Team Challenge

In one of our PSHE lessons, we were set a Tangram Team Challenge, which required us to work as part of a team and demonstrate cooperation and collaboration. At first, it was tricky for many of us to compromise and negotiate, however by the end of the session we were all able to work as part of a team and create many different pictures for the tangram designs.