We had a great time investigating which items found in the classroom were transparent and opaque. We then finished the lesson off by creating our own shadow shows.

Our Class Polar Bear

For Christmas this year, Year 3 decided they wanted to help some wild animals. The class all voted for the animal they wanted and the majority of the votes resulted in a polar bear being their first choice. Year 3 are very excited to receive more information in the post from WWF over the next year.



In English, the children took turns to sit in our hot seat and pretend to be Nikolas after he had discovered his papa’s red hat in the snow and answer questions asked by the rest of the class. They all did a great job imagining how Nikolas would answer the questions.

The Boy Called Christmas

Year Three had a very special visitor during one of their English lessons. It was non-other than Aunt Carlotta, the nasty cruel old woman from the book ‘The Boy Called Christmas’. The children enjoyed asking Aunt Carlotta lots of questions they had collected whilst reading the book. They then wrote their own detailed character descriptions of her. The children are very excited to see who will visit them next!

Ancient Egypt

On Monday 13th January 2020, year 3 were visited by Tony North who came in to teach us all about the Egyptians. First we learnt all about the Egyptian gods. Then we did a quiz- the prize was an A2 Egyptian poster! The winners were Joel, Thomas and Aisha! They were very happy with their prizes!

Next we practised writing in hieroglyphs, before writing our names on some Egyptian paper called papyrus. Did you know that the word ‘paper’ comes from papyrus?

In the afternoon we painted our own Egyptian models using acrylic paint. We have had a fantastic day today!

From year 3

Remembrance Day

As part of our inquiry focus of ‘how do we remember war and those who fought in the war?’ Y3 have been learning about the importance of Remembrance Day. Today we walked to the Royton Park war memorial to pay our respects to those that have died in war and to place our handmade poppy wreath at the site.