Castleshaw linking schools project

First we went to the coach we were on the coach for at least half an hour. When we got there we met up with Bare Trees Primary School. The first game we played was to meet each other and learn about each other. The second game we played was a picture game were we had to look carefully at a picture and find it we had a card that had numbers up to 18 and we had to clip the number that was on the back of the picture. Then it was dinner time we all had our dinner in a little hut. There was a big house that looked like a castle. Then we went to the playground and we played something like shark attack where we had a rope and we had to get to the raft without falling. Then we moved on to an even smaller one and it was even trickier than the big one. Then we built shelters with a mat, four metal clips and four ropes. Finally we got back on the front of the coach back to our school in time for home time and then we got all of our stuff and went home.

Trip to Tesco’s

It was amazing going on the coach. We were so excited to go to Tesco. When we got to Tesco we did some work on fruit and vegetables. We worked on different types of cereal. Then we found out how many grams of sugar were in different cereals. Next year 3 went back upstairs to try some food. We tried sunflower seeds, prunes, pitta bread, carrot sticks and cucumber.

Then year 3 got back on the coach and arrived back at school.


First we did some music. We all got a violin and it was exciting. It was fun because we got to learn new things. Mr Lord gave us some important rules. We know each string of the violin and we learnt a song on the violin.  All year 3 did a warm up song and it was calm music.

Mr Lord showed us different ways to play the violin he was very good! You could even do high sounds and low sounds. He told us that his violin was 194 years old. He also told us that he had an even older violin. The bow we couldn’t use because we didn’t get up to that stage yet.

It was new to us all to try the violin but we tried are best we could. Year 3 loved playing the violin.

science centre

On Monday 21st May 2018 y3 went on a school trip to the Regional Science Centre. so what we did was we made some flowers boxes.And then we cut some tulips up and the teacher Miss Judge asked to look inside the flower.

At the end she did an experiment. What happened is she had a Bunsen burner, some matches, some liquid and a can. She put the can on the Bunsen burner with some liquid and the matches heated the can and she put the can in the water and the can got crushed.


Violin blog

By Brooke

This term we have been using our bows properly. Mr Lord has been showing us how to hold it correctly on the right string. To hold our bow we need to put our thumb on the bottom of the bow, curve three fingers around the top of the bow and then finally we put our pinky left on the end of the bow. Most of my class say they have improved the bow hold.


A couple of weeks ago we learnt how to pluck and now we are learning a piece of music called Can Can which has one half plucking and other half has bowing.


My favourite piece of music is Circle Madness but only the slow version because the fast version gets me muddled up!