Class assembly

On Thursday the 12th of October Year 3 had a class assembly all the parents and family came to watch it.  It was all about pirates and our two trips Castleshaw and Saddleworth Museum and French. It was the first assembly this year  and it was fun and it was happy and we sang a French song. We practised this assembly and we wrote letters for are parents to come and watch it. They took photos at the end of the end of the assembly.


Year 3 children have made good progress in their violin lessons this term. They have learnt some simple songs using the open strings (G, D, A and E). Today they began to learn new notes by placing the first and second fingers on the D strings.

Well done Year 3!

Saddleworth Museum

We went to Saddleworth museum with Mrs wood, Mrs Tomlinson and Mrs Smith. Getting into the day we met our pen pals. We even met two teachers called Cat and Linsey. We made hats and moustaches. Later on into the day we did some drawings and one of the drawings was a portrait of us pulling some faces. We all enjoyed it at Saddleworth museum.


On Friday 29th September 2017 all of year 3 went to Castleshaw. Mrs Tomlinson, Mrs Wood , Mrs Brown and Mrs Ashiq came with us on the school trip. We learnt about map work there. We got given a map and there were letters on cones and we had to follow the directions on the map and on the way we had to write the letters down. And then we had a big map and we had go and find some words. Then it was lunch we had to eat inside because it was raining. Then after lunch we did some more activities about maps and then sadly we had to go back to school. The teacher at Castleshaw was called Rod he was in charge of what to do. All of the year 3 children enjoyed Castleshaw. And we all said a special thank you to Rod.

Christmas party

On Monday 12th December Year 3 and 4 had a Christmas party. We played musical chairs, pass the parcel, corners and best dancer. Also, we had some food, which included some crisps, a kit kat, a biscuit, a cupcake and a drink.

Siji won corners, Maisie O won pass the parcel, Ellie won a dancing competition and George and Emily won musical chairs. Before the party, in the morning, we watched a DVD and did Christmas activities. We all really enjoyed a lovely party and we want to thank all the teachers that helped.

The snowman

On Monday 5th December Year 3 went to the Queen Elizabeth Hall in Oldham. We went to see a performance of the Snowman with areal live orchestra doing the music. There were lots of other schools watching it too. When we got there we found our seats and sat down. Then we listened to the orchestra playing the Nutcracker music. After the orchestra had played the Nutcracker someone dressed up as a large snowman came out and danced around the hall. Next we watched the Snowman film and listened to the music. Whilst we listened there was a little girl singing Walking in the Air. We loved the little girl’s voice. Year 3 really enjoyed the performance and we would like to go again.

Christmas Fair

Year 3 has been very busy over the last few weeks because we have been making bookmarks. Please come to the Christmas Fair on Saturday to buy them. We have a range of colours and sizes available. They cost 50p each and they are also different designs. They will be sold in Nursery and reception, next to the Tombola. There are posters all around school and they are colourful too.