British Science Week – Stretchy Slime Experiment

This year’s British Science Weeks theme was Growth. As part of British Science week, we did an experiment where we had to make slime and measure how much it would stretch (grow). Unfortunately, we our experiment did not work.  Our slime recipe did not turn into slime. We talked about this was an example of chemistry and sometime in chemist we don’t get the reaction we want. Even though, our experiment did not work we had lots of fun.

Black History Month

To celebrate Black History Month, Year 3 looked at Rosa Parks and how she stood up for the rights of black people. We looked at the scarifies she made and how this was a big turning point.

As a class, we agreed on how important it is to treat everyone equally and fairly.

Billionaire Boy

This half term we have been reading David Walliams’ book, Billionaire Boy. Last week, we wrote a piece of direct speech between Bob and Joe in the style of Walliams and acted our the argument in pairs.

Relax Kids

Over the last few weeks, we have had a visitor from Relax Kids join us every Thursday. She has been teaching us different ways to relax, including breathing techniques and stretches.

Emmeline Parkhurst

During one of our History lessons, we focused on the work of Emmeline Parkhurst and the Suffragettes. We created our own Suffragette posters during this lesson and marched around the school field, imagining how the Suffragettes would have felt over 100 years ago as they took part in demonstrations. Some also gave their own speeches, hoping to encourage others to join them in the march.


In D.T, we have been exploring the different types of structures in Italy including the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Colosseum.