Handling data

Year 3 have been making and interpreting bar graphs, tables and pictograms. Which sport is the most popular sport in year 3? How many more children like playing rugby more than gymnastics? How many children took part in the survey?

Could you survey how many hours you and 2 of your friends watch TV/play Xbox/Playstation in one week and produce a pictogram?

y3 data 2 y3 data

Trip to the co-operative

First we learnt about fruit and vegetables and tried to guess where they come from.

Then we went to the protein aisle and looked at the different meat and fish.

We had a look in the warehouse and saw a delivery van dropping off boxes of food.

Next we went to the aisle where there was bread and looked at all the different types.

Then we followed Rob to the fair trade aisle and looked at coffee for an example.

From Millie and Sophie.

The end of term

We have been designing, sewing and decorating our pirate purses. We tested them with plastic coins.

Halloween and pirate purses 053

School council decided to hold a spooky non-uniform day on the last day of term and the children donated one pound for charity.

Halloween and pirate purses 006

How many skeletons can you see?

Trip to the Co-operative Food Store

On the way to the co-operative food store we were walking in two’s, Emily and I were together. When we got there we all met Rob who was showing us around a bit of the food store. We all started at the fruit aisle. He talked about where the fruit came from and there were a lot of questions to ask as well.

Then we slowly walked to the vegetables aisle. He talked about the dates on them. Someone put their hand up and said ‘it was out of date yesterday’ but Rob said that if it had a fresh sign on it you could still eat it . If it’s tins or canned and wrapped it will go back to the warehouse.

Then we went to the meat aisle. He talked about which animal it came from. After that we were very hungry!

Then we went into the warehouse and got a cookie from the bakery. He told us one more thing about Fair Trade and then we came back.

By Scarlett and Emily

Pirate Purses

A pirate purse is something that a pirate can hold their treasure in.

In design and technology we have looked at lots of different purses, we have designed our own and then made them out of paper. Now we are making them with material. We put the paper ones onto the material and then cut the material out around them. I am using a running stitch to hold my purse together. I have a brown material. I am putting jewels on it to decorate it.


By Emily

We love Year 3!

What we do in year 3

By Alicia and Scarlett


In French we do a song that is related to French and it has some English and some French words in it.


In maths we do all sorts of things related to maths. In maths we do mad minutes when we have 4 minutes on the board and we have to do different sheets with 30 times tables questions on in the four minutes.


In year 3 in PE we have lots of equipment and we have done orienteering. Last we got a flag and with the equipment we had to make the flag that we had been given.


In RE we are learning about a celebration that is called Diwali. We have coloured in some Rangoli patterns


In science we are learning about skeletons. We have made pasta skeletons out of real pasta. We have learnt the scientific names for parts of the body and the different bones. Do you know where your pelvis is?


In English we are doing pirate stories, we have been doing them in our books and now we are copying them out into our paper books that we have made.


In assemblies we do lots of things. We have singing assemblies on Wednesdays, and we have good work assembly on a Friday.

We love being in year 3!