Glitter germs!

Year 1 have been scientists today and have been observing how quickly germs can spread. Of course we didn’t use real germs today but glitter. It was everywhere!  We had to wash our hands properly with soap and water to make sure that all the glitter was gone.

As part of our topic work this afternoon, we all worked as Code Crackers.  Mrs Pollitt sent us a coded message and we had to work out what the message was and then we made coded messages of our own.  We all had a great time!

Lucy Gray

Today we were given a set of photographs to sequence into a story, we then went around the groups sharing the sequences and stories.  We were then introduced to the ‘Lucy Gray’ poem by William Wordsworth which tells a story in the form of a Ballard.  To help us to understand what happened in the poem we hot seated some children to find out more.

Ancient Greek Day

On Monday, Tony North visited our class and we had a brilliant day learning more about the Ancient Greeks.  In the morning, we worked together to build a model of the Parthenon.  In the afternoon, we rehearsed a Greek Myth and then we performed it for Year 5.  We all had a fantastic time and Year 5 enjoyed watching us perform.



In RE year 4 have been learning about the special relationship Jews have with God.
This week we have been learning about the Torah the Jewish holy book and how Jewish families look after the Torah and where it is kept in the Synagogue.
Children had the opportunity to look at the Torah and use the Yad to follow some of the beautiful Hebrew text.


Our maths lessons so far have been all about place value, we have been doing lots of things like partitioning numbers, ordering and comparing numbers, rounding numbers and much more. We don’t always find it easy but we all try our very best and we are really enjoying the lessons.


Following on from our History lesson on Friday when Mrs Pollitt took on the role of Pasaphe (The Minotaur’s Mother) we had a visit from Dr. Kidd and she came to carry on the story of Theseus and the Minotaur.  Some children also did a role play with Dr. Kidd.  We all designed a Labryinth and for our next lesson we will find out what happens when Theseus goes into the Labyrinth.