First News

We love reading the weekly First News newspaper!

One of the reason they want to read First News is because ‘the pictures are attractive and the articles are interesting.’

An article recently enjoyed was ‘England Glory’ because they like reading about sport.

The comprehension activities that accompany the magazine are challenging and really make us think.

Linking Schools Project

We had a great day meeting our new friends at Horton Mill School.  We did lots of fun activities throughout the day.  First we got to know each other and then we played Scatter Ball and Football.  We also made a passport all about ourselves and then we swapped them with one of our friends at Horton Mill.  In the afternoon we sketched portraits of each other and we finished of the afternoon by singing.  We all had a fantastic time and we can’t wait to meet our new friends again.


Year 4


We had an absolutely fantastic time at Castleshaw on Friday.  We spent some time in the classroom talking about the Romans and looking at artefacts.  Aster that we went outside and dressed as Roman soldiers, we also learnt some Roman words.  We marched around and then we went into formations and we even had a little battle.  In the afternoon we went to the remains of a Roman Fort, where we did orienteering and a treasure hunt.  We all had a brilliant time and we hope that we can go again.




Yesterday, we had another great science lesson where we learnt about food chains and food webs.

We enjoyed sorting the living things and learning about what different animals eat.  We enjoyed working in groups to make the food webs.

Macie-Rae and Jackson


We had a fantastic Science lesson this morning; Miss Judge came from the Regional Science Centre.  We were learning about different teeth and how different animals’ teeth compare to human teeth.  We discussed the importance of looking after your teeth and then we made our own toothpaste.  We all had a brilliant time.  Some of us have taken the toothpaste home for our family to try!

Regional Science Centre Visit

This morning we all went to the Regional Science Centre in Oldham as part of our Science topic on digestion.  We did an experiment about the digestive system.  We used a banana and two digestive biscuits and we mushed them together with saliva (really it was water).  Next we put it into a bag and then we added some acid (really it was orange juice).  Then we churned it in our hands and then we cut a corner of the bag and squeezed it into some tights (small intestine).  After that we cut the knot on the tights and then we squeezed it into a cup.  Then we put a small hole in the cup and we placed another cup inside it.  When we pressed the other cup the remaining contents came out.  (We’ll leave it to your imagination as to what that could have represented!)

We all had a fantastic time and we can’t wait for next week when we will be learning about teeth and making tooth paste.

Year 4


We have been writing Manchester based poems to show how great Manchester is. We wanted to show a tribute to the people of Manchester in respect of the terrible loss we are feeling.
by Millie and Emily.