We had fun this afternoon making our torches.  We were all very good at making the circuits but it was very tricky putting it into the toothpaste box, we had to have a lot of patience.  We are really pleased with the finished results.

Year 4



We have been having a lot of fun today in science.  First we were given some equipment and we had to work out how to make a circuit to light a bulb and we then drew a diagram.  After that we were given ten cards with diagrams of different circuits, we had to predict whether the bulb would light or not and then we had to make the circuit to see if our predictions were correct.

Year 4

Choral Speaking

On Friday the 23rd of March 2018, Year Four and Year Two went on an exciting trip to Oldham Coliseum to experience Choral speaking. Choral speaking is where groups of people get together to recite poems. Year Two performed one long poem (The Great Fire of London) and one shorter poem (The Owl and the Astronaut). Year four followed the same pattern. Their poems were The Owl and the Pussycat and The Further Adventures of the Owl and the Pussycat. We all had a fantastic time and we performed really well.  Mrs Pollitt was very proud of all of us.  On the 27th of March both classes performed to the whole school and they are both very proud of themselves.  Both classes really enjoyed doing the Choral speaking and would really like to do it again.

By Charlie K





Science investigation

We have been investigating whether gases weigh anything.  We did two experiments.  We weighed a bottle of lemonade and we kept shaking it and releasing some carbon dioxide and then we weighed the bottle again and it weighed less than it did at the start.  We also weighed a balloon and then we inflated another balloon and weighed that and it weighed slightly more.  We have found out that gases do weigh something and we had a lot of fun finding that out.

Be Good to Ourselves day

We all had a good day today.  It started with us singing in the hall to some of our parents to open their mental health workshop with the charity ‘Mind’.  We then had a lesson on mental health too.  We discussed our emotions, did some breathing exercises and we know it sounds funny but we had to laugh a lot too.  We then made a sunflower and on each petal we wrote about what we are good at and why we are special.  We have taken our sunflowers home to put up in our rooms so that we can remind ourselves just how special and unique we are.

Year 4

We all had a fantastic time today at Gallery Oldham.  Our morning started with a pattern and print workshop.  We became pattern detectives by looking closely at artwork and recreating it in our sketch books and then we used our patterns to make a tile for printing.  We then printed our design onto fabric.  They all look brilliant; we are really pleased with them. After lunch we had a self guided tour of the Gallery, it was very interesting.


Today we had United Utilities in our class to talk about the water cycle, how they clean water, water usage and safety in reservoirs. We did a lot of fun activities such as we had a quiz and for each correct answer we were given a card and then we had to order ourselves with little pictures cards of the water cycle. We also got handed a sheet to see how much water we use and Harry used the most water at home it was 280 ¼ litres and the least was Abbie’s with 28 ¾ litres of water used. We were told never to put a wet wipe down the toilet and not to put meat grease, fat and oil down the drain because it would make fat mountains in the sewers. We were also told that you can only put the four P’s down the toilet. We also got some water aid photos and a piece of paper and some questions about the pictures and we had to answer them. We would really like you to all think about how much water you use and to see if you can save water in any way.  We all came up with a promise about how we could save water. We all had a fantastic morning.

By Harry and Alfie BW