English Experience Day

We started off our English lesson today acting out the traditional tale of ‘The Three Little Pigs’.  We then hot seated the wolf and the pigs to find out more about them.  After that, Mrs Pollitt read us ‘The True Story of the Three Little Pigs’ and surprisingly the wolf was not a bad character. We hot seated the wolf and the pigs again to find out more about them.  We are going to be writing a newspaper report all about it.  We then spend the rest of the lesson reading a variety of newspapers.  We all had a great lesson.


As part of our Science learning, we have been learning about circuits.  We were given lots of pictures of different circuits and we had to predict whether or not the bulb would light.  After making our prediction, we then tested the circuits to see if we were correct.  We can’t wait to make our own torches.


Last week, we participated in Bikeability.  We learnt how to signal to indicate that we want to turn left or right, this meant we hand to be able to ride our bikes one handed.  We also learnt the importance of checking over our shoulder before we signal so that we know if there is anything behind us.  We learnt to how to control our bikes and we went through cones and practiced doing narrow turns. We all had a great time and we can’t wait until we can learn how to ride safely on the road.

Mother’s Day

Last week, we really enjoyed our art lesson using water colours to create wild flowers.  Each piece of artwork was unique and we then used the art to make Mother’s Day cards.  We hope all Mums enjoyed receiving them.

British Science Week

As part of British Science Week, we are learning about the Met Office.  We are using rain gauges to measure the amount of rainfall.  We will continue to do this over next week and we will be making a graph to show how much rain fall there was on each day.

Calendars and Christmas Decorations

We’ve had a very busy afternoon making our calendars and Christmas decorations.  You can buy the Christmas decorations for £2.50 via Parent Pay.  They will make a great addition to any tree as each one has been individually designed and hand decorated.


We had a really good afternoon learning about teeth and their different functions and then we all made a model of our own teeth.