Design & Technology

As part of our Design & Technology topic about food, we made a chunky vegetable soup.  We all peeled and chopped the ingredients and we couldn’t wait to try it.  Some of us thought it was delicious and had second helpings, whilst some of us didn’t really like it.  We all had fun making it though and some of us are going to make it at home!


This afternoon, we had a visit from the Life Education SCARF PSHE service.  We did a session on ‘It’s good to be me!’  We all had a great time.

Eggshell Investigation

Today in Science, we set up an investigation to find out which liquid will do the most damage to the eggshells.

We will observe what happens over the next week.


Food Webs

After learning about food chains, we each drew a picture of a living thing that would be found in a forest habitat.  We then passed the wool around, starting with a producer and from there the web started to link to illustrate the feeding relationship among the species found in the habitat. We learnt that a food web is a connection of multiple food chains and it shows the interaction between different organisms in an ecosystem. When you draw multiple food chains together, you end up with a food web.


As part of our English work on writing a speech, we had a fun experience lesson today where we watched some of Boris Johnson’s Manifesto speech.


We had a great Geography lesson today. We started off by naming all of the continents of the world and the surrounding seas and then we focused on Europe. We tried to locate as many countries in Europe as we could. We all enjoyed using the atlases to help us.


Science Food Chains

We were each given a card with a living thing on it and we had to go and find the rest of the food chain.

Once we had found the rest of our food chain we reconstructed it and explained it to the rest of the class.

We then worked in small groups to construct our own food chains.

We then presented the food chains to the class.

English Experience Day

We started off our English lesson today acting out the traditional tale of ‘The Three Little Pigs’.  We then hot seated the wolf and the pigs to find out more about them.  After that, Mrs Pollitt read us ‘The True Story of the Three Little Pigs’ and surprisingly the wolf was not a bad character. We hot seated the wolf and the pigs again to find out more about them.  We are going to be writing a newspaper report all about it.  We then spend the rest of the lesson reading a variety of newspapers.  We all had a great lesson.