Calendars and Christmas Decorations

We’ve had a very busy afternoon making our calendars and Christmas decorations.  You can buy the Christmas decorations for £2.50 via Parent Pay.  They will make a great addition to any tree as each one has been individually designed and hand decorated.


We had a really good afternoon learning about teeth and their different functions and then we all made a model of our own teeth.

Lucy Gray Poem by William Wordsworth

In our English lesson today we had to arrange photographs from the Lucy Gray poem and we had to come up with a narrative to go with them.  We then listened to the original poem.  We all really enjoyed the lesson.

Year 4

The Digestive System

Today, Year 4 had a rather disgusting science lesson-we took part in a demonstration to learn how our digestive system works, and how food is processed by the body. We all had a lot of fun and learned lots in the process.

Art Lesson

As part of our topic work, we went to North Chadderton School for an art lesson and we made a clay tile.  Some of us made a mask tile and some us made a feather tile.  We all included Aztec patterns.  We can’t wait to go back again next week to finish them.


Today we were working on division. We worked with a partner and used place value counters and a grid to work out a range of divisions. We all worked well together and are looking forward to learning more.

Millie Dance

We had a great dance lesson yesterday with Millie.  We worked in small groups to choreograph our own routines and we then performed them for the rest of the class.


Maya map work

We had a busy afternoon discovering the Ancient Maya countries and capital cities on a map.  We are looking forward to our next lesson which is going to be about the Maya Calendar.