We decided to make bunting out of the printing that we did in art last half term. It wasn’t easy but we all managed it. First we had to cut out four of our designs with pinking shears and then we measured one metre of thin material to attach it to.  After that, we accurately measured the distance between the material to make sure it was equal.  We then glued the material in place and finally we stitched along it.  We all really enjoyed the lessons and we are happy with our end product.

Year 4

String Telephones

We had a great time yesterday investigating how well sound travels through a medium.  We made string telephones and we changed the length of the string to see how many words could be heard clearly.  We found out that sound can travel through a medium and the shorter the string the clearer the words could be heard.

Year 4

Times Tables Challenge

We had a great afternoon yesterday at Royton Hall School with their Year four class and a class from Blackshaw Lane.  When we arrived we all sang the six and seven times tables song.  Then we split into four groups and we worked together to crack a code.  We then all got back together for the showdown.  Alfie and Jack S were representing our class and they did a brilliant job answering times tables questions against four other children.

Science Week

For Science week we investigated how germs spread.  We set up a ‘sneeze zone’ and we all had a piece of card and we drew a picture of ourselves on it and then placed it in the sneeze zone.  We used a water spray to see how far the water travelled and to see how many of the pictures got wet.  We then repeated this again but this time we put a hand in front of the water spray and finally we repeated it again but this time we put a tissue in front of the water spray.  We found out that sneezes can spread far and wide and to minimise the spreading of germs a tissue should always be used.

World Book Day

Year 4’s class author is Michael Morpurgo. Michael Morpurgo has written more than 100 books, a mixture of novels, picture books, chapter books and collections of short stories. We read some of the Mudpuddle farm series in Year two. This year we have enjoyed reading books like Cool and Toro Toro. At the moments we are reading The Butterfly Lion and we can’t wait to find out what happens.


We had a great time yesterday investigating sound.  We used a straw to make a sound and we changed the pitch of it by making it longer and shorter.  We found out that the longer the straw, the lower the pitch and the shorter the straw, the higher the pitch is.  We also found out that the harder you blow the louder the sound is.  We also worked with a partner to investigate sounds that elastic bands make.  In the classroom, we also had a range of activities to explore such as making a loud sound near a drum with rice on it to see the vibrations, hitting a tuning fork and placing it in water to see the vibrations, we listened to the sounds that a metal coat hanger made and we also played different notes on a violin and a xylophone.  What a wonderful afternoon we had!











In art we have been studying William Morris and Laura Ashley.  Our final lesson was to make our own fabric in the style of the artists we have studied.  We all had a great time printing, even though it was a bit messy.  We now have to decide what we are going to make with the fabric next half term.  Any ideas?

Year 4

Bill’s NewFrock

Today in English we read the first chapter of Bill’s New frock by Anne Fine.  This story is going to raise lots of issues and dilemmas.  Bill wakes up one morning to find out that he’s a girl and he discovers that everything is different for girls.  We did some hot seating and Brooke pretended to be Bill and we asked her lots of questions to find out how he felt when he discovered he was a girl and we asked questions about what had happened to him on the way to school and at school.  Brooke did a great job and managed to answer all of the questions very well.


Today Miss Judge visited us from the Regional Science Centre to do some work with us about teeth. We had a discussion about different types of teeth and their functions and she also showed us some animal skulls so that we could look at their teeth. After that, we had to follow some instructions to make our own toothpaste. We then brushed our teeth using the toothpaste. Some of us really liked the toothpaste but lots of us didn’t like it because it was too salty. Lots of us are going to make the toothpaste at home for our parents to try.