In Art today we created montages using overlapping shapes to give the impression of movement.

NNFN 2022 Competition

Year 5  entered the NNFN 2022 Competition to write an interview with a historical character in the style of author Andy Seed.   They received 800 entries in total, 40 of which have now been shortlisted and sent to Andy and his illustrators for the final stage of judging.

They will be selecting 4 age-related category winners, plus one overall winner. We are delighted that one of our Year 5’s Interview with Florence Nightingale has been shortlisted in the 8-10 People category!

Year 5 Science

We have been looking at reversible and irreversible changes. We experimented mixing bicarbonate of soda, white vinegar and milk, this helped us to investigate how some materials undergo a chemical change and a new product is formed.

The Blitz

We used archive footage and photographs from The Blitz to explore the impact of the bombings on people at this time. We used this to write newspaper accounts.


In History, we looked at a range of artefacts and sources to find out what we could about life in WW2.



As part of our Geography unit on Rainforests, we explored a range of sources and artefacts to help us gain an understanding of  the biodiversity in a tropical rainforest biome.