Design and Technology

As part of our Design and technology work , we have designed and created vases using clay. Here are our sculptures. When they have fully dried we will use various techniques to paint and decorate them.


In Science, Year 5 have been looking at asexual reproduction in plants. We looked at natural and artificial ways they can reproduce asexually. We are scientifically observing over time, as we took cuttings from plants and replanted them. We also cut chittings (sprouting potatoes)  and planted them. We hope to see that they will demonstrate asexual reproduction as new potatoes and new plants should now grow.


In Geography, we have started our new unit on Earthquakes. We made models of the layers of the earth to start this new Geography topic.


Year 5 have been working on Portraits in motion using The Scream by artist Edvard Munch as the stimulus for our own final pieces. We have learnt all about using different mediums, including printing ,  and different techniques to create movement. We also shared in our Art session some fantastic pieces of work that one of our class had completed at home. Inspiring!

History – Queen Elizabeth II

Year 5 looked at Queen Elizabeth II today, in honour of her achievement as Britain’s longest serving Monarch and her Platinum Jubilee. We explored what a Monarchy is and what it takes to be a successful leader. We then made links within the periods of history we have studied this year including looking at Anglo- Saxon ‘Cynings’  and how, despite being strong, warrior leaders they could not unify, and they took over several Kingdoms in Britain.  We also looked at King George VI, and his reign throughout WW2 and how he understood the importance of royal duty and loyalty to the Sovereign- something he instilled in his daughter Queen Elizabeth II. The children had a really interesting lesson, researching and exploring the similarities and differences across the ages.

Autumn term

Year 5 had a busy end to the Autumn term. We completed designing, sewing and evaluating our Drawstring bags in Design and Technology. We explored the true story of Christmas and how different types of truth, such as scientific or historical , can affect belief. We ordered significant events and debated whether we thought they were true or not. In Science, we explored objects, materials and their different properties that made them suitable for their purpose.


Year 5 have enjoyed a WW2 experience day.
We learnt about the great leaders and nations involved in the war. We explored the Battle of Supplies, context and timeline of the Women’s Land Army and WW2.
We answered questions such as Why did we need the WLA?  We acted out WLA recruitment- Signing up and interview role-play .
We handled and named , agriculture, Crops T, ools of the trade, practised milking and Butter churning.
 We then had some time Artefact handling and enquiry: what do these items tell us about life during WW2? What’s for lunch?
We learnt about the Dig for Victory and Rationing Lunchtime .Life as a Land Girl Propaganda vs Reality Food on the Home Front Animals and their wartime purposes, Salvage sorting Food packaging Rationing End of the working day Pay & conditions, water rationing & evening activities. Finally, we answered the overall question-what impact did the land army have during WW2?
What a fantastic day we had, and we learnt so much!

Year 5

Year 5 have been painting flowers in the style of Henri Rousseau. We also looked at mixing complimentary colours to replicate mood and atmosphere. As part of our Music lessons we have been working on Rock music. We have been practising to sing the song, Livin on a prayer, as well as composing a percussion accompaniment to it using the glockenspiels. In Science, we had to decide what fruit we would use to represent the planets. We then created models and presented our findings. Year 5 have been using a variety of sources to locate the Rainforests of the world as well as the Tropics and the equator. Year 5 have been using Purple Mash for their computing lessons. They have enjoyed creating avatars, learning how to stay safe online and coding. We have been looking at substances that are soluble and insoluble in Science. We planned our own experiment in groups, shared hypothesis and then tested if the substances dissolved in water.