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This half term we are focusing on the Ancient Greeks and we are reading the book ‘Who let the Gods Out?’ by Maz Evans. As part of our English work, we are going to be writing our own legend story, as we have been studying the Legend of the Trojan Horse.

I would love to hear who you believe is a legendary person. This  person could be alive or be somebody that has passed away.

Who are you going to choose? Why?

Mr Bottomley

More homelearning

at home Gabby did some research on the internet about Ancient Mayans she found out that they made up tattoos and had lots of symbols. She copied some of the symbols and made a poster. She also wrote 10 facts.



In Castleshaw we had lots of fun and everyone really enjoyed it. First we went into the classroom and discussed animals and habitats. We looked at some stuffed animals, including a badger, mole. Rabbit and heron! After this we explored the valley. We had fishing nets and tried to find some water creatures. We had a key to identify different things we found. We found all sorts of river dwellers, including sticklebacks (fish) and shrimp. We finished the day off with some team games, where we had to work together to reach some targets. What a fantastic day!

By Toby and Liam

Mayan Weapons

Tom has made a Mayan shield and spear for his homelearning.

First Tom and his dad used a saw to cut the wood for the shield. They then dismantled a broom for the spear. Tom and his mum then painted the shield, doing the big bits first, and then painted the spear and got some string and wrapped it round the top and the bottom of the spear and then put the feathers. They then put the details on the shield.