On Tuesday 13th November, Year 5 brought their bikes to school, as usual we did our normal work in the morning. Finally we finished our dinner. Then it was time for Bikeability.

First we had to have our bikes checked. Secondly, year 5 got into a big line and were given a number between 1 and 4 because there was going to be four groups. Next we happily got onto the roads in our groups. We did lots of things like U-turns, signals and going into Primary position from Secondary position.

The next day we did Bikeability all day, we did the same things!

Year 5 had lots of fun doing Bikeability, they cant wait to do it again next year!

By Tillie- Faye 

Who’s got the CRESS factor?

As part of our science topic, life cycles and human development, Y5 have been looking at the life cycle of plants and the germination process. As a reward for all their hard work this half term, the children were given the opportunity to create a cress head. Firstly they designed their cress heads ensuring they adhered to the design specification, and then we created them! The finished products were EGGcellent!

Y5 OACT football

On Monday 22nd October 8 Y5 pupils who had been attending the after school OACT football club represented Thorp at OACT’s football event, held at Failsworth High School. The team played 4 games in the tournament but unfortunately didn’t make the finals. Nevertheless, the children did a fantastic job of representing the school- they showed good sportsmanship and tried their very best, cheering each other on throughout. We had lots of fun!

WW2 broadcasting

In topic lessons, Y5 are looking at the events of WW2. On Friday we investigated what the Blackout was, why it was important and how the Blackout impacted everyday life for the public. We were tasked with creating a news broadcast to inform the public about what they must do to prepare their houses for the blackout. We know that television broadcasting was stopped until after the war therefore the public would not have had television broadcasts like the ones we made, however it was fun to pretend! We really enjoyed practicing and performing these broadcasts!


Regional Science Centre

On the 23rd April, Year 5 went to the Regional Science Centre to take part in a mixing and dissolving investigation.  We had to separate a mixture of rock salt and sand.  We did this by filtering and by evaporating the salt solution using a Bunsen burner.

We are looking forward to the next few sessions with Miss Judge.

By Year 5

World War 2 Videos











This half term we are focusing on the Ancient Greeks and we are reading the book ‘Who let the Gods Out?’ by Maz Evans. As part of our English work, we are going to be writing our own legend story, as we have been studying the Legend of the Trojan Horse.

I would love to hear who you believe is a legendary person. This  person could be alive or be somebody that has passed away.

Who are you going to choose? Why?

Mr Bottomley