Mrs Phillips

On Friday 23rd April, Year 5 wished Mrs Phillips good luck as she started her retirement.  We all had lots of questions to ask her ranging from her favourite moments at Thorp to what she wants to do in the future.  We all will Mrs Phillips lots of love, luck and laughter for the future!

Down’s Syndrome Awareness

On Friday 19th March Year 5 ‘rocked our socks’ to raise awareness about Down’s Syndrome.  The brightly coloured socks signify the extra chromosome (chromosome 21) which people with Down Syndrome usually carry.  As chromosomes look like socks this is why we have the connection.


In Year 5, we have enjoyed working with scientists from the Regional Science Centre in Oldham. By conducting fair tests, we have explored and learned about different types of forces.

Come Fly with Me

In science we have been learning about forces/gravity. We have been carrying out an investigation on parachutes. At first we had to choose 5 materials make them the same length and drop them from the same height each time. Then we timed them to see how long it took to touch the ground we were pretty shocked with the results because they were close together. We would love to do something similar as a class again because it was fun and everyone enjoyed it.

World Book Day

Year 5 had a fantastic World Book Day! Our class author is David Williams- we were extremely excited to come to school dressed as our favourite characters from his books! In the morning we completed a ‘Gangsta Granny’ quiz which tested our reading comprehension skills, and in the afternoon we designed our own ‘Midnight club’ badges which we then handed out to our friends.

Dance session 15/1/19

Y5 really enjoyed their visit from Millie this morning! We worked in groups and created a dance sequence to the song “Sunshine” by Weiss. We had a fantastic time!

Eden Camp

On Wednesday 28th November 2018, Y5 went to Eden Camp. When we got there we saw a huge spitfire and a ship that was all rusty. When we got off the coach we got into our groups. We saw these huts in our groups, the teachers were told to go in each hut and look at all the information and answer the questions on the sheet. One team went in the blackout hutwhich was all about the blackout. It had dummies in and smoke because the bombs dropped. Then we had dinner and after dinner we went in some more huts until we got to play on the playground. Then we went back on the coach and went to school.

By Lois


On Tuesday 13th November, Year 5 brought their bikes to school, as usual we did our normal work in the morning. Finally we finished our dinner. Then it was time for Bikeability.

First we had to have our bikes checked. Secondly, year 5 got into a big line and were given a number between 1 and 4 because there was going to be four groups. Next we happily got onto the roads in our groups. We did lots of things like U-turns, signals and going into Primary position from Secondary position.

The next day we did Bikeability all day, we did the same things!

Year 5 had lots of fun doing Bikeability, they cant wait to do it again next year!

By Tillie- Faye 

Who’s got the CRESS factor?

As part of our science topic, life cycles and human development, Y5 have been looking at the life cycle of plants and the germination process. As a reward for all their hard work this half term, the children were given the opportunity to create a cress head. Firstly they designed their cress heads ensuring they adhered to the design specification, and then we created them! The finished products were EGGcellent!

Y5 OACT football

On Monday 22nd October 8 Y5 pupils who had been attending the after school OACT football club represented Thorp at OACT’s football event, held at Failsworth High School. The team played 4 games in the tournament but unfortunately didn’t make the finals. Nevertheless, the children did a fantastic job of representing the school- they showed good sportsmanship and tried their very best, cheering each other on throughout. We had lots of fun!