In Y5 this week

Year 5 have had another busy week. They have been writing poetry, and making Magic Boxes for a lovely display for their poetry. What would you put in your Magic Box?

In maths they have been investigating rounding numbers including decimal numbers, and some of them had another puzzling jigsaw to complete. Well done to everyone who kept going and completed it.

Rounding Game (7) Rounding Game (8)

Is there life on Mars?

Blake – A special type of water on Mars may make a special type of water creature and plant life.

Ellis – Inside Mars’ water there are tiny fish, much like the beginning of evolution on our planet. I think they will evolve into apes and one day become like us.

Isabelle – There might be some mysterious creatures and plants we don’t know of.

Matthew K – I think there may be radioactive bugs because there are no people on Mars who will harm them.

Katie – Underneath the planet there will be roots that get the water. A tube will lead the water to the surface.

Connell – I think apes because there is water so there must be plants, therefore they can eat and drink.

Joe – I think there are simple cells in the water and bacteria  and viruses.  I think we would be very poorly if we went to Mars.

Natasha – Cacti and desert creatures such as lizards because there is water for them to survive and the planet looks like a desert.

Jack – Cave men, because I think it is like that period on Earth.

Betsy – I think there are mini-beasts and sand creatures as there is a lot of space to walk round and there is lots of sand.

Oscar – Invisible aliens because we have never seen them and piranhas because there has been a sighting of water.

Grace – There are plants because of the water such as cacti, also moss, tiny fish and moles underground.

Freya – I think there are tiny human mermaids as there could be a special place where the moon rises over and turns the eggs into mermaids.

Harry – Komodo dragons and dinosaurs, as they like to live near water and are similar.

Jamie – There could be water monsters now!

Maths Jigsaw

Everyone got an envelope from Mr Lengden and we took all the cards out, and we had to work out what the answers were and then put them together. We had to keep on doing it until we had the full jigsaw. It was hard, but I managed it! My method was to add the hundreds first, then the tens and then the units, I then looked for the answer and put them together.

Year 5 024