Year 6 have worked hard to develop their hockey skills over this half term. The confidence levels of the children continue to grow, together with their passing and defending skills.

Design and Technology

Today Year 6 made their new bread product which they carefully designed in our last lesson.  We added a range of ingredients including chocolate, cheese, garlic, cinnamon, dates, vanilla and much more! We are looking forward to tasting and evaluating our new product.


Today we were visited from the Life Education SCARF PSHE service in our PSHE lesson.  In our session we focused on the choices which we make, the consequences of these (both positive and negative) and how we feel in different situations. We discussed peer group pressure and how to respond appropriately.

Design and Technology

Today Year 6 worked collaboratively to bake their own delicious bread rolls.  They measured their ingredients accurately, followed the instructions carefully, developed their kneading skills and worked hygienically. We are looking forward to adapting our bread recipe to design our own bread products next week.

Remembrance Day

Today we explored photos of the trenches from WWI and discussed how the soldiers lived in these conditions for many months whilst they fought.   We also explored the Christmas truce and the significance of this event.


In art we have been  exploring and creating our own geometric patterns.  We focused on the use of contrasting colours and the different grades of threads when designing our final piece.

Design and Technology

Year 6 were eager to investigate and evaluate our bread products today! Initially we looked at a wide variety of breads from around the world and Mrs Buckley challenged us to name these.  Then we sampled six different types of bread and focused on their country of origin, if they were sweet or savoury, the texture of the bread and finally rated it out of ten.


Year 6 started their new science topic today entitled Electricity.   We used our prior knowledge of circuit components to construct our complete circuits.  Next, we applied our problem-solving strategies to construct both series and parallel circuits; we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each circuit.


In our class text Rooftoppers, the story starts with the dramatic sinking of the Mary Rose.  Year Six worked together to sequence the events of a similar disaster to help them to imagine what the conditions onboard must have been like.