Coming next

Year six are excited for after the half term because we have all worked hard the throughout this term and for a treat we are going to North Chadderton school to watch their performance of Grease. We are also looking forward to upcoming events such as Freddy Fit, World Book Day and other trips.

By Katie and Gabby

Life Ed Bus

On Tuesday, y6 went on the life bus which is where you learn all about different skills in life and we focused on drugs and decisions. First we did a quiz about the human body and how it works. After that, we had a discussion about legal and illegal drugs and medicine and talked about different features on medicine bottles. Finally we watched a video which had a group of boys in their friends’ house and two of them were trying to persuade an innocent boy to drink alcohol. Right at the end we saw Harold the giraffe and discussed what we learnt.

Everybody really enjoyed the life bus. Thank you Rachel.

By Ruby F and Ruby W

Happy New Year Everyone

2018 is probably the most important year for us so far because we are all going to leave Thorp in July and go to our secondary schools. We are going to make the most of the year because some of us might not see each other once we are at secondary school and we are going to make it a year to remember. We have also got our SATs which we are already practising for. Even though this year is going to be hard, we are going to have some fun as well because on Monday 15th January, in the morning we are going to The Regional Science Centre to learn about evolution and inheritance and in the afternoon we are going for a walk around Royton to learn about its history. We are also going to be doing Freddie Fit and world book day.  We are going to have a great year and we hope that you do too.

Year 6

Written by Molly

Ancient Egyptian Day

Ancient Egypt

Yesterday Tony North came in to talk to us about Ancient Egypt. In the morning he was talking to us about the tombs that the Pharaohs (kings) were in.  Also there was one girl and one boy that dressed up as ancient Egyptians. In the afternoon we were painting Egyptian artefacts and pictures on papyrus.


Reece and Natasha

World Book Day

Today year 6 have dressed up as their ancestors from many years ago. All year 6 dressed up as their great granddads or great grandmas or any other ancestors. A lot of people dressed up as footballers. Some people dressed up as coal miners and some other people dressed up as army people. All of year 6 told the class who they were dressed up as and why. We really enjoyed dressing up as our ancestors because it was fun to not wear our uniform.

By Ellie and Rebecca


Peterloo Massacre

In year 6 we have been looking at the history of Royton. We have been learning how and why the Peterloo Massacre started and how the people were killed. It happened on the 7th August 1819. At that time only the rich people were allowed to vote. It was on Saint Peter’s field in Manchester. The people met in the Hope and Anchor which was being used as a library and for work.


On Thursday 26th Jan 2017 Year 6 had a class assembly about the Peterloo Massacre. Lauran Knox played the clarinet and Matthew G and Jamie played the drums while the other children were marching and clapping their hands. At the end we had a song about the Peterloo Massacre by a band called The Oldham Tinkers.