In year 6 the children have been learning about the life and artwork of the artist L. S. Lowry.
We have been inspired by his amazing work and recreated some wonderful pieces of his art ourselves.
Some children painted an activity they enjoyed at Robinwood in the same style as Lowry’s paintings.

In year six we have been learning about how Muslims show commitment to God, focusing on the 5 pillars of Islam.
This week we learned about Salah (prayer) this is one of the five  pillars. Some children  bought in the outfits that they wear to the mosque and dressed up, showing the class first hand how prayer would be performed in the mosque on prayer mats. Children had the opportunity to try on some of the clothing if they wished.

Our first blog

Welcome back Thorp this year (2019) the staff have added a few changes to the school.

These changes will help some classes with learning and concentrating, this can also help with tests and SATS. First the hall has been repainted and the floor has been polished. We also have some new blinds.

The year six classroom has been decorated as well with some new carpet and new computers.


This year, yr6 are going to make sure we try are best and never give up, especially in SATS. 

We shall also make sure that we listen carefully when the teacher is talking and have a positive attitude in all learning.

 Georgia and Maisie 


In music we have been learning the song You’ve Got a Friend by Carole King. Last term, we learnt the song Happy by Pharrell Williams. We sometimes use the glockenspiels to play the music we are learning. Our teacher (Mrs Phillips) sometimes prints off the music sheets which are Easy, Medium and Hard. Year 6 have music lessons on a Friday.  We use Charanga to sing and learn the lyrics. Everybody in the class loves music.

By Ella and James R


In guided reading we are reading the book Pig Heart Boy by Malorie Blackman. We are currently near the end of the book. Marlon and Cameron have not seen each other for 7 weeks. Cameron fancies Julie and he has even written a poem about her. He has just had a heart transplant. Also, he could not find a human donor so he had to have a pig heart instead. Before, he found out that his mum was pregnant. But they do not know the gender. Before he had his transplant he got to meet the pig (called Trudy) and they had to go through a scanner machine to make sure they did not have anything on them what they should not have on them. They were offered a lot of money but Cameron’s parents did not take the money. We are doing several worksheets about what we predict. We are looking forward to reading the end of the story.


By Ella and James R


PE sessions

In P.E we are doing team games. Our teacher is Mr Jackson. We always do it on a Friday. We have recently been doing orienteering. We have a map of the whole school with a co – ordinate grid on it. Then, we all get into groups of three or four. After that, the groups get a starting co – ordinate that they have to go to. The wining team gets two raffle tickets. We also are on a timer; you have to write down all of the answers on the other sheet of paper.

By Ella and James


World Book Day

On Wednesday 13th March 2019 Thorp Primary celebrated World Book day. We would of celebrated world book day on Thursday 7th March but unfortunately due to a gas leak we were all of school. Year sixes class author is Benjamin Zephaniah. We have heard some of his poems.  Year two`s class author is Julia Donaldson. Julia has written many books. At the moment we are writing our own ‘We are Britain’ poems. We are writing an introduction about ourselves and then we have written a poem.

Everybody enjoyed world book day. We also did a parade where all the school walked around the hall and the children showed their costumes.

By Ella B and James R

‘Hairspray’ dress rehearsal

On Tuesday 26th February 2019, year 5 and 6 went to North Chadderton High school to watch their production of Hairspray. Everybody enjoyed it but sometimes the microphones didn`t work also the microphones squeak and it really hurt our ears . In the second half of the production some part of the set went with the curtain. The best part of the show was the finale when all the cast come together also the funny part was when Tracy`s mum, Edna, was inside the gigantic  hairspray can and it scared us all when it popped out with confetti and we all jumped out of our seats.

You can still get tickets for Thursday also on the door for this day too.

By Ella and James R