Mr Shapeshifter

On 22nd of November Y6 watched a show called Mr Shapeshifter in our school hall. It was about friendship and trust; we learnt to listen and talk to people we trust and if you get that bad feeling tell someone. The play involved an evil man named Mr Shapeshifter luring children to his evil workshop to drain their childhood out of them so he could live forever. Two children called Jess and Jack had to work together to defeat the evil mastermind. At the end of the show, we asked Jack and Jess some questions about the play and how they felt about it. They said it took over a month to rehearse the play. It was a brilliant play and everyone enjoyed it including the teachers! The message was to stay safe online and only text or send messages to people you know in person.

Firefighters visit

On Monday the 7th of November the fire brigade came in to speak to year 6. First they introduced themselves to us and then we watched a video about bonfire night. The video was based on a true story. It was about a boy who was severely injured by a bonfire due to peer pressure. He went near the fire and a few naughty children threw in an aerosol. We answered some questions about the video and moved on. Next we had a look at what uniform they wear. Roan dressed up as a fireman, there were so many different pieces of clothing, and this is because you don’t want any part of your body to get injured. They then introduced stop, drop and roll Blake and Roan had a go at this. We learnt a lot and enjoyed their visit.

We are enjoying the non-uniform days coming up to the Christmas fair. We are really excited to make our mystery item for the fair as well.

y6-firemen-nov-2016-002 y6-firemen-nov-2016-005



Busy times in Y6

Last week we did a year 6 assembly about some of the topics that we have been studying this half term. Here are some examples of what we did. Ian Bland came in and taught us about poetry which inspired us to perform a selection of his and our own poems. Adam , Freya and Oscar did a funny love poem!

This week Freddy Fit came into school and did some sports and exercises with all of the children from nursery to year 6. We worked with year 5 , we played hula hooping to see if we could beat our score each time. We had a lot of fun but we were very tired at the end of the session!

We recently finished a book called Clockwork by Philip Pullman and spent the past week writing our own story.

We are looking forward to our residential trip to Robinwood in just 2 days!  We will be pushing ourselves to the limits and seeing how brave and fearless we really are . Year 6 will blog when we get back and tell you all about all the fun activities that we have done at Robinwood.

freddy-fit-2016-yr5-yr6-002 freddy-fit-2016-yr5-yr6-003 freddy-fit-2016-yr5-yr6-004 freddy-fit-2016-yr5-yr6-006 freddy-fit-2016-yr5-yr6-007 freddy-fit-2016-yr5-yr6-008 freddy-fit-2016-yr5-yr6-009 freddy-fit-2016-yr5-yr6-010 freddy-fit-2016-yr5-yr6-012

we are leaving

Years 6 are leaving this week but we have rewarded them with a school disco and a trip to bowling and the cinema, which they seem to enjoy. Lots of children got upset after the songs brought tears to eyes of the audience. The year 6s are very upset to be going separate ways, but hopefully will cross paths when they’re older.


Leaving primary school is a very sad thing to go through but it’s also a time to be excited to have a fresh start. We have to leave our friends but make new ones at the same time and to show our new teachers a good impression of what we can do and how we do it. We are going to a new school but memories will still stay in our minds forever.


Moving to secondary school

Worries and excitement

The time has come for me to move to Secondary School, despite being extremely nervous, the excitement covers all of my worries and I am free to look on the bright side of things. I am going to a different school to everyone else so I may never see them again, at least not like I do now. I’m not so worried about losing my friends even though I would like to keep in touch with a few of them but I was born to make new friends.

Leaving primary

There has always been a river I couldn’t cross, at least by myself but I’ve had all the help I’ve needed some people said it’s too hard but no one said it would be easy. We all achieved so much at Thorp that they will not be able to forget us. If we haven’t learnt anything else we’ve learnt that we should never give up no matter how big the river we have to cross may be.


Moving to secondary school

I am very nervous about moving to secondary school; also I am very excited at the same time! I am excited about meeting new friends and getting to move classroom after every lesson. The things that I’m worried about is getting lost also it is being bullied.

I will really miss primary school because in secondary the rules are a lot stricter and the work is a lot harder as well as that I will miss all my friends playing around in the playground!


By Lucas

Leaving Thorp

I am really looking forward to secondary school. Of course I will miss being in a class with all my friends but I will make new ones. My biggest fear is getting bullied and getting lost but I’m sure that I will be fine. I will hopefully make some new friends and luckily I already have one in my form. My teacher seems friendly too!

By Charlie


Leaving primary school is a very hard thing to do. Yes, there will be tears but it’s normal. I am nervous but excited about moving up to secondary but I know I’ll be fine. I’ll miss my friends that are going to separate schools than me but I know one day we’d cross paths again and meet up. To anybody that’s reading this, don’t get nervous about leaving primary up to secondary because you’ll be absolutely fine.

From Niah