last week

At Oldham Regional Science Centre we were focusing on light and shadows. We used the light boxes to reflect  light rays off mirrors. We also made a rainbow by putting a prism on the light source.   Reflection happens when a light strikes a surface and bounces off it.  Reflection is the reason we can see ourselves in the mirror!

Don’t forget that Tim Peake the British astronaut is doing a space walk on Friday 15th January..

Go to his twitter account­­_timpeake

On Tuesday the police came into talk to us, we did lots of fun challenges. Niah had to put a big coat on and some goggles and run around the hall while playing hook a duck! The Childline charity came into to talk to us. They talked about bullying and abuse and If anything like this was happening to you then you should contact Childline.

We also had a class assembly, we focused on words that will lead us to success such as  motivation, cooperation, talent, creativity and practice. Lots of parents came into see it so the whole class would like to say thank you to the parents who came.

A new year in Year 6

Happy new year from Thorp!

On Friday 8th the new prefects were elected by Mrs Philips and new jobs were allocated. Because It is a new year we have started new topics In history we are doing Royton through the ages and for English we are doing the princess’ blanket. It’s about a princess who is always cold. This winter has been the warmest winter since records began but we are expecting snow this week, so you might need your blankets just like the princess!

On Monday we are going to Oldham Science Centre we are all very excited. Also next week the childline charity are coming in and the police are coming in to speak to us.  On Thursday we are going to be doing our class assembly. We have been working towards this all week.

We are having some very busy first few weeks!


Last week of Autumn term Y6

18th December 2015

This week has been very exciting. On Wednesday we had our Christmas party. We played games including corners, musical chairs, the chocolate knife and fork game and pass the parcel.  After the games we each had a chocolate bar, crisp , cake and a drink. We were delighted when we got back into class to find a selection box.

On Thursday it was the school Christmas dinner. We all enjoyed it. The best bit was the afters. We had a choice from mince pies, cake, shortbread or ice cream. I had a mince pie it was delicious.  Before the Christmas dinner ,we had a Christmas talent show. My favourite was the impressions  but I liked the singing as well.

Every pupil brought a toy or game to play with for our last Christmas at Thorp.

Wishing you a very Happy  Christmas from year 6.

y6 xmas

Christmas show

This performance was our last Christmas show at Thorp. We sang  Mary’s Boy Child and The Twelve Days of Christmas as well as making up our own class poem. We decided to put our own little twist on The Twelve Days Of Christmas such as having nine boys dressed up in tutus and dancing round and three children speaking French whilst pretending to be hens which all the parents found hilarious!  Some of the children were very nervous but the nine boys wearing tutus were extremely giddy. We had five people off sick so some  of us had to do multiple roles because if we hadn’t we would only have had six ladies dancing, two French hens and seven maids milking! The parents seemed to really enjoy the performance and they gave us a huge round of applause whilst still laughing!


By Charlie

This week…..

year 6c year 6b year 6

This week during business enterprise week, we have customised Christmas baubles to sell at the Christmas fair. Everyone enjoyed it because we got messy and it was both significant and unique to us as they were made using our own thumb-prints!

Half of the class were not able to complete the Bike- Ability course a month ago because of torrential rain. It almost became a swimming lesson this time as the wind and the rain whirled down on us, we still kept calm and carried on!

year 6d

Mason playing the guitar

Today I performed a song with my guitar in front of the school in assembly. At first I was extremely worried but as I progressed further into the song, I became more comfortable. Everything went to plan and I received a huge round of applause. The head-teacher and the secretary appeared curiously to see what was happening. Later in the day I was sent to Mr Bennett to collect a head-teacher’s certificate and a golden sticker (I was very proud).

The tune I played was called Pyro by the Kings of Leon. This is one of my favourite songs and I am also confident when I play it! Playing a musical instrument is very complicated at the start but once you have had a lot of practice you will improve and you will become more skilful. It takes a long time to become confident and I have been playing the guitar for 3 and a half years. I go for a private tutor every Friday in Oldham at a place called Muso’s and my teacher is called Christine! In the future my goal is to be able to fingerpick quickly and fluently. I also would like to be able to perform in front of many people without getting as nervous.



Model village

We have thoroughly enjoyed constructing our excellent hand crafted ancient Egyptian houses, using wood strip and cardboard. It was challenging.  But you can see from the results now they look like a little village.


Maths Matchstick Investigation

Mrs Philips set us a task to find out how many matchsticks you need to form a row of linking triangles. She asked us if we could find any patterns!! We went away and followed some steps to complete the investigation! Some people found a few patterns but others didn’t. We all shared our results. We all thoroughly enjoyed the task and we would really recommend it!



Written by Luke and Liam

This afternoon three fire fighters visited Year 6 and they did a brilliant presentation about how to be safe on bonfire night and also about anti-social behaviour. It was fascinating to learn about how dangerous it can be to play with fireworks. Also it is important not to hoax call the fire brigade because if you do there could be a dangerous fire happening at the same time and the fire brigade would not be able to attend quickly. It was quite amusing watching Charlotte dress up in the correct clothes for bonfire night!

charlotte 1 charlotte 2 charlotte 3 charlotte 4


In the last week of term year 6 were visited by Tony North and they had an Egyptian day where they all dressed up as pharaohs and had their faces painted. They also wrote in hieroglyphs. Do you know what they are? Year 6 also painted statues and important symbols related to Ancient Egypt, like the sphinx. Do you know what a sphinx is?