Advice for Children on keeping safe on the Internet

Use the internet safely and only access websites you are allowed to visit.

Keep SMART on the internet and follow these easy steps:

  • (S) SAFE: do not give out any personal information such as your name or contact details to anyone on line
  • (M) MEETING: meeting is forbidden, if you do want o meet someone always tell an adult
  • (A) ACCEPTING: accepting emails or opening files or texts from people you do not know can lead to problems on your computer system
  • (R) RELIABLE: remember that people on line may not be who they say they are, so treat them as strangers unless you already know them in the real “off line” world
  • (T) TELL: tell your parents or another adult if someone or something makes you feel uncomfortable or worried when you are on line

Advice for Parents on E-Safety

Whilst children need some privacy they do need parental involvement and supervision especially when online. Here are some ideas on how you can help your child stay safe:

  • Set up some restrictions (Google safe search)
  • Discuss with your child what they can and cannot use the internet for
  • Discuss sending emails, instant messaging and text messaging
  • Warn them of the dangers of “strangers” on line
  • Discuss what they should do if they click on something which they know you would not approve of
  • Ensure that they never give out personal details to anyone on line
  • Use the internet with them

For further advice see: