Key Dates for the term

Key Dates for Spring Term (January to April 2019)

TERM 2(1)
Date Event Year Groups
14/1/19 RSCO visit Y4
15/1/19 Millie dance day KS1 and KS2
16/1/19 Health Champions out day 2 2 Y6 children
16/1/19 School Council  Mayoral Visit and tour of civic centre School council
16/1/19 School Governors Standards Committee meeting n/a
28/1/19 Ancient Egypt Day (Tony North) Y6
1/2/19 Conversion to academy in Oak Trust Whole School
6/2/19 Millie Dance Day KS1 and KS2
8/2/19 FoT School Disco Ks1 and KS2
9/2/19 Cross country Race 4 Ks1and KS2 runners
11-15/2/19 School mental health and Wellbeing week Whole school
11-12/2/19 Coram life bus in school Whole School
12/2/19 Parent Child Teacher consultation meetings Whole School
14/2/18 Parent Child Teacher consultation meetings Whole School
15/2/19 Certificate Assembly Whole School
15/2/19 School Council Super hero day Whole School

HALF TERM HOLIDAY-18th -22nd February 2019

TERM 2(2)
2/3/19 Cross country Race 5 Ks1and KS2 runners
7/3/19 Times Table event at Royton Hall Y3
7/3/19 WORLD BOOK DAY Whole School
12/3/19 Fire Service visit Y6
14-15/3/19 Travelling Book Fair in school Whole school
14/3/19 FREDDIE FIT day Whole school
14/3/19 Times Table event at Royton Hall Y4
19/3/19 Choral Speaking Event Y2/Reception
21/3/19 Trip to Tatton Park Y3
26/3/19 Linking Schools Project-Bare Trees to visit Thorp Y3
29/3/19 FoT school Disco KS1 and KS2
2/3/19 Cross country Race 6 Ks1and KS2 runners
4/4/19 Certificate Assembly Whole school
5/5/19 School Council Egg Decorating Event Whole School

EASTER HOLIDAY 8th-22nd April (Inclusive) 2019