Key Dates for the term

Updated 4/11/20



Year group(s)

4/11/19 First day of half term Whole school
6/11/19 Trip to Castleshaw Y1
7/11/19 Parent/Teacher/Child Consultations Whole School
8/11/19 FoT school Disco YR-6
9/11/19 (SATURDAY) Race three Cross Country Y3-Y6
12/11/19 Bikeability Y4 and Y5
13/11/19 Bikeability Y5
13/11/19 United Utilities visit Y4
14/11/18 Trip to Bethesda Church Y1
18/11/19 Intraflu in school delivering flu vaccinations Y1-6
21/11/19 Dance Day with Millie Y1-6
25-29/11/19 Thorp Road Safety Week Whole School
28/11/19 Linking Schools Project visit to Castleshaw Y3
29/11/19 Non uniform for chocolate for Christmas fair Whole School


Trip to GM Fire Service Y2
6/12/19 Non uniform for bottles for Christmas fair Whole school
7/12/19 (SATURDAY) Thorp Christmas Fair Whole school
11&12/12/19 Christmas Shows Whole School
16/12/19 Christmas Party Y5/6
17/12/19 Christmas Party Y3/4
17/12/19 Annual Shelter Assembly Whole school
18/12/19 Christmas Party EYFS Y1/2
19/12/19 Christmas Dinner-including wear your Christmas clothes to school day Whole School
19/12/19 Certificate Assembly Whole School
20/12/19 Christingle Assembly Whole School
20/12/19 Last day of term Whole School

Christmas Holidays 23/12/19-3/1/20 (inclusive)

6/1/20 Staff INSET training day

7/1/20 First day of term Whole School
14/1/20 Dance day with Mille Y1-Y6
27/1/20 Trip to RSCO Y6
4/2/20 Linking Project Bare Trees school to Thorp Y3
8/2/20(SATURDAY) Race Four Cross Country Y3-6
10-14/2/20 Thorp Wellbeing Week Whole School
11/2/20 Dance Day with Millie Y1-6
12/2/20 Certificate Assembly Whole School
13-14/2/20 Life Ed bus in school Whole School
14/2/20 Last Day of Half Term Whole School

Half Term Holidays 17/2/20-21/2/20 (inclusive)

24/2/20 First Day of Half Term Whole School
25&26/2/20 Parent/Teacher/child Consultation Whole School
29/2/20 (SATURDAY) Race Five Cross Country Y3-6
5/3/20 World Book Day Whole School
16/3/20 Linking Project at Oldham Gallery Y3
16/3/20 Trip to RSCO Y4
18-20/3/20 Book Fair in school Whole School
25/3/20 Castleshaw Trip TBC
28/3/20(SATURDAY) Race Six Cross Country Y3-6
3/4/20 Certificate Assembly Whole School
3/4/20 Last Day of Term Whole School

Easter Holidays 6/4/20-17/4/20 (inclusive)

20/4/20 First Day of Term Whole School



11-22/5/20 SATs assessment window for KS1 Y2
11-14/5/20 KS2 SATS Y6
15/5/20 Class Photographs Whole School
22/5/20 Certificate Assembly Whole School
22/5/20 Last day of Half Term Whole School

Half Term Holidays 25/5/20-29/5/20 (inclusive)

1/6/20 First Day of Term Whole School
8-12/6/20 National Phonics assessment week Y1
8/6/20 Linking Schools Project at Bare Trees Y3
8-26/6/20 National Times Tables assessment window Y4
19/6/20 FoT Non Uniform for Sweets for Summer Fair Whole School
26/6/20 FoT Non Uniform for bottles for Summer Fair Whole School
27/6/20 (SATURDAY) FoT Summer Fair Whole School
30/6/20 Dance Day with Millie Y1-6
7/7/20 Dance Day with Millie Y1-Y6
14&15/7/20 Summer Shows Whole School
16/7/20 Certificate Assembly Whole School
17/7/20 Leavers Assembly Whole School
17/7/20 Last Day of the School Year Whole School

Summer Holidays 20/7/20-1/9/20 (Inclusive)