Key Dates for the term

Key Dates for Spring Term 2 and Summer Term (February to July 2019)

(last updated 22/2/19)
Date Event Year Groups
2/3/19 Cross country race 5 KS1 and KS2 runners
7/3/19 WORLD BOOK DAY Whole School
12/3/19 Fire Service visit Y6
14-15/3/19 Travelling Book fair in school for Parents/children to buy whole school
14/3/19 FREDDIE FIT day Whole school
14/3/19 Times Table event at Royton Hall Y4
19/3/19 Choral Speaking Event Y2/Reception
19/3/19 Times Tables event at Royton Hall Y3
21/3/19 Trip to Tatton Park Y3
26/3/19 Linking Schools Project-Bare Trees to us Y3
29/3/19 FoT school Disco KS1 and KS2
30/3/19 Cross country race 6 KS1 and KS2 runners
1/4/19 Oldham Athletic FC players in school to visit whole school
4/4/19 Certificate Assembly Whole school
5/5/19 School Council Egg Decorating Event Whole School


29/4/19 Y5 to visit RSCO Y5
30/4/19 Millie Dance Day Y1-Y6
13-16/5/19 KS2 SATs Week Y6
17/5/19 Class photograph day whole school
17/5/19 FoT School Disco Ks1 and KS2
22/5/19 Millie Dance Day Y1-Y6
24/5/19 Certificate Assembly Whole School


5/6/19 FREDDIE FIT day Whole School
11/6/19 Linking School Project Visit to Bare Trees Primary School Y3
19/6/19 ‘Come Play with the Halle Orchestra’ Y3
24/6/19 Linking School Project Visit to Gallery Oldham and Alex Park Y3
1/7/19 Gruffalo Hunt Y1
3-4/7/19 Oldham Secondary Schools Transition Days Y6
3/7/19 Thorp ‘Moving up’ transition morning Yn-Y5
11/7/19 Thorp ‘Moving up’ transition afternoon Yn-Y5
12/7/19 FoT School Disco KS1 KS2
16-17/7/19 Summer shows whole school
18/7/19 Certificate Assembly Whole School
19/7/19 Leavers Assembly Whole School

22/7/19-2/9/19 (inclusive) School Summer Holidays