Glockenspiel and Xylophone Club

Our club with Mrs Carey started today, 14/11/16

Here are some photographs showing Year 4 & 5 children learning to perform Jingle Bells. What a brilliant effort from everyone!

music-club3 music-club2 music-club

Music Assembly songs Autumn term (1)

This half term our songs have a maths theme


Year 3 Class

Our Year 3 children are working on holding their violins correctly. It’s not easy to position the violin between the chin and left shoulder and hold it up at the correct angle! Our children are learning to pluck each of the 4 strings. This is called pizzicato. Keep up the good work!

violina violinb violinc

Y4 Violin group

Here are our Year 4 violinists working on their bowing techniques.  Keep up the great effort!


Y3 Violin

Our Year 3 children really enjoyed their first violin lesson with Mrs Murphy. This group of children learnt to play the ocarina last year. Mrs Murphy commented that because these children have had a year of playing the ocarina, she was able to progress quickly through the first violin lesson and move onto skills she would normally introduce in the second lesson. A very promising start Year 3!



EYFS Singing

On Mondays and Thursdays Reception and Nursery children sing with Mrs Carey. Today we used the different coloured scarfs to help us sing the Rainbow Song.

“My favourite colour is pink so I was happy when I got the pink scarf. I like it when we use the puppets and my favourite song is Little Turtle because I like the turtle eating the soap!”


singing singing2


Year 4 string players worked very hard in their lesson today. Fabulous bowing technique!

strings3.jpeg strings2.jpeg strings.jpeg

Emily, one of our year 6 pupils, is a talented flutist. She performed to the school and her mum this week. She said afterwards:

Today I played flute in assembly and Mrs Carey played the piano.  The piece we played was Walking in the Air. I started flute lessons with Mrs Meaden in year 3 so I have been playing over three years. I felt scared at first but after I did the piece I felt like I improved my confidence. My mum was watching and she was very impressed by my performance.

Our children who have guitar lessons performed in a special assembly for their parents and the school. See their video’s here. Jingle bells Walking in the air Frosty the snowman 

Some of them also wrote a blog about performing: Guitar Christmas Assembly Noah Guitar Christmas Assembly Natasha  Guitar Christmas Assembly Roan Guitar Christmas Assembly Scarlett Guitar Christmas Assembly Lucas

Our Training Woodwind Band played in assembly. Well done children. Training Woodwind Band 2 Training Woodwind Band 1


Greater Manchester Music Hub Singing Challenge 2016

On Tuesday 8th March all the children completed the Greater Manchester Music Hub singing challenge. We listened in to Bolton FM and at 2:15pm we joined in with other schools across the Greater Manchester region as they played ‘A certain Kind of Imagination’, a song written to celebrate Manchester as the European city of Science and Industry 2016.


9th March 2016

Niah sang beautifully in assembly today.


16th March 2016

Ella, Millie, James, Kade, Amelia, Sophie, Emily and Joe had a fantastic day at the Music Centre Woodwind Day on Wednesday 16th March with a full day of music making! Audio clips of the three groups performing one of the pieces they had worked on during the day and also the massed item finale of ‘Happy’ are available to listen below.

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3



19th April 2016

Year 3 played the violins.


22nd June 2016





29th June 2016

Thank you Maddison for singing in assembly today. Your performance was beautiful and full of emotion. Well done!


11th November 2016

In school this half term the whole school has been learning this song.


8th March 2017 – Woodwind Assembly

Today some of our Year 3 musicians performed in assembly.  This is the first time they have played in front of the whole school so they conquered nerves and fears. Well done for having a go!