Staff List


Miss Jenny Bowers

Deputy Headteacher

Miss Emma Dunn

Phase Leaders

Mrs K. Phillips (Phase 3-Years 5 and 6 and transition to secondary school, teaching in Year 6)

Mr M Gooding Assistant Phase Leader,                                                                                                  Ms J Bowers Temporary Phase Leader  (Phase 2-years 2/3/4)

Mrs S Grayson (Phase 1-Nursery/Reception/Year 1, teaching in Reception)


Mrs M Pollitt (teacher y4 Monday-Wednesday)


Mrs J. Allen (Monday to Wednesday Year 1)

Mrs K Doherty (Year 5)

Mrs. V. Kindon (Thursday and Friday Year 1)

Mrs S Moore (Thursday and Friday Year 4)

Miss S. Taylor (Year 3)

Mrs H. Tomlinson (on Maternity leave)

Mrs V. Shaw (Nursery)

Support staff

Mrs S. Neshad (Family Liaison Officer and HLTA, across school Monday to Thursday)

Miss L. Marland (HLTA, across school Tuesday/Thursday all day and Friday morning)

Mrs N. Ashiq (TA phase one)

Ms A. Beaty (TA phase 3)

Mrs G. Burton (SEN TA Year 3)

Mrs G. Farthing (TA phase 1)

Miss J. Marland (TA phase 3)

Mrs K. Marsh (TA phase one every morning)

Mrs J. Midgley (TA Year 2)

Mrs H. Poole (TA year 4, Monday-Wednesday)

Mrs L. Smith-Walkden (SEN TA Year 3)

Mrs A. Walsh (Phase one every morning)

Office Staff

Mrs V. Rutherford (School Business Manager)

Mrs D. Tindall (School Administrator, all day Monday and Friday and Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday morning)

Miss N. Wood (School Administrative Assistant) Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday afternoon)

Site Support Staff

Miss N. Wood (Site Manager)
Mrs F. Wilson (Cleaner)

Kitchen Staff

Mrs H. Casey
Mrs F Wilson

Midday Support Staff

Mrs P. Greenwood
Mrs C. Wilkinson
Mrs M. Hopkinson                                                                                                                                        Mrs L. Noble

Ms A. Beaty
Mrs L. Smith Walkden
Mrs G Burton
Mrs K. Marsh
Mrs N. Ashiq