Welcome from the School Office


The School Office consists of Mrs V. Rutherford (School Business Manager) and Ms M. Brown (School Administrator).  If you require any information on registering your child for Nursery, giving medicines in school, holiday request forms, free school meals,pupil premium grant or general enquiries including making an appointment to see a member of staff, please call in to the school office or telephone 0161 823 0520.

Please make sure that we have an uptodate mobile number that we can send urgent or important text messages to during the school day. This is in the unlikely event that we have to notify the families of the whole school at the same time, in example in the instance of an unexpected school closure. Please note that in the first instance we send out a blanket text, and if there has not been a response after a period of time we will then phone individual children’s emergency contacts. We will ensure that your children are safe at all times.

Please can you also ensure that we have email addresses of any family members that would like general school information sent out to them, such as the newsletters or class specific letters. (for example school trips).

School dinner money is £10.50 per week and collected every Monday morning. We prefer a cheque, please make school dinner money cheques out to Oldham MBC.

Please ensure that any monies sent into school are placed in a sealed envelope with your child’s name, class and amount enclosed clearly marked.

If your child has forgotten any items required for school, please drop them at the office. These are then placed in a secure location and either the child will be sent by the teacher to collect the item at playtime or lunchtime, or the Y6 office monitors will deliver them at lunchtime.

The office is open between 8.30am and 3.30pm.