Welcome to Reception

Hello, My name is Mrs Grayson and the children in Reception and myself have worked together to tell you about life in Reception and the things we like to do.

We have several members of staff working in our Reception class this year. There is myself, Mrs Grayson (class teacher and Phase 1 leader). In the class with us there is also Mrs Farthing (Teaching Assistant). Our dinner ladies are Mrs Wilkinson and Mrs Greenwood.

We work in a unit alongside the Nursery and our motto this year is, Work Together, Play Together, Learn Together. Sometimes we work as a unit, sometimes just as Reception, sometimes in small groups and sometimes on our own. On a Tuesday we do PE and cover dance, gymnastics and games. We do phonics, reading, writing and maths everyday. Activities that the children enjoy doing are; painting, playing outside, listening to stories, dressing up, sticky pictures and eating our dinner. We have very busy days and often get very tired by the end of the week.