Welcome to Year 5

Hello and welcome to Year 5!
Our class teacher is Mrs Doherty, our teaching assistants are Miss Beaty and Ms Marland. Miss Dunn
will be teaching Science on Monday afternoons and taking us swimming on Friday afternoons, so we
must bring our swimming kits to school every Friday.

We are looking forward to Year 5 because we will be studying lots of new topics. This year as part of
our new curriculum, our learning will be based around the enquiry thread ‘Are humans born to seek
adventure?’ Therefore, in the first half term we will be studying Europe, earthquakes and volcanoes. We
are especially excited to create an erupting volcano. (The topic plan is on our class page with lots
more information). After that we will be looking at WW2.

In addition, we have many more exciting opportunities ahead. In science we will be conducting
experiments and visiting the Regional Science Centre. In design and technology, we will have the
opportunity for cookery where we will be using rationed foods from World War II to create a
delicious dish. In mathematics, we are working hard to become a numeracy ninja, in which we have
to complete 30 arithmetic questions correctly in just 5 minutes. Also, we cannot wait to take part in
Bikeability, where we learn about road safety and ride our bikes on the road.

Already we have discussed the importance of children’s right and responsibilities, which has helped
us to design our class charter. Also we are developing our positive mindset, trying our best and
challenging ourselves, maximising every opportunity. Everyone in Year 5 is committed to aim high
and eager to see what this year brings.