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Physical Education


At Thorp Primary School we believe that all pupils are entitled high quality engaging PE lessons with good quality resources. PE lessons should develop the skills of pupils from Early Years through to Year 6 in a range of sports and activities. Pupils should also be offered the chance to develop their skills during extracurricular clubs. PE links closely with ‘Mental Health and Well Being’ and at Thorp we believe that by being physically active you will have a more positive mental attitude.  

We always make sure British Values are covered discretely within our PE sessions through the following ways: 

  • Democracy- pupils will behave in PE lessons in a way that is socially acceptable. They will understand different roles and make decisions individually and as a team. Pupils are fully engaged in all PE lessons and the extra-curricular activities provided are inclusive and well planned.  
  • The Rule of Law- Pupils are taught about age appropriate rules, fairness and respect through a variety of PE activities. Pupils will learn to work individually and in groups. There is an established ethos in PE with regard to how to win and lose fairly and understand good sportspersonship.  
  • Individual Liberty- Through quality PE lessons individual differences will be recognised. There is an ethos where the views of individual pupils are listened to and respected. Pupils are taught safely and about safety when using equipment or developing a new skill. 
  • Mutual Respect and Tolerance- The culture and attitudes of staff and pupils in PE respects cultural differences. Pupils are taught about the environment and different activity contexts. There are appropriate rewards and sanctions in PE for inappropriate behaviour (traffic light system and Good Work Assembly). Thorp Primary School engages in competition and encourages competition within and across the borough. 

Cultural capital is enhanced through visits to other schools in order to learn new skills or to compete. Being part of a local primary school sports cluster group provides excellent opportunities for our children to compete in a wide variety of sports across the school year.


At Thorp Primary School, we invest in our staff so that they are best-prepared to deliver a high-quality PE curriculum that has been carefully planned to meet the needs of all our children. We employ two expert coaches a week through Oldham Community Leisure. These coaches lead and help to plan our dance provision and a wide variety of other sports. Our teaching staff co-teach sessions and as a result work alongside experts who are able to provide ongoing continued professional learning for them. Teaching is delivered using a subject-specific approach, through carefully-chosen units of work which build upon previous learning.

Pupils are invited to apply for the post of ‘Health Champion’ each year. These posts provide additional training to encourage our pupils to take the lead on promoting healthy lifestyles and setting whole-school targets for being active and making healthy choices. Their training, provided by Oldham Community Leisure, is invaluable in helping the pupils learn new games to pass on to their peers and encourages them to work alongside class teachers to promote healthy living – through initiatives such as the ‘daily mile’ challenge.  Furthermore, our ‘Sports Ambassadors’ from across both Key Stages help to look after playground equipment and promote physical activity during break times. As a result, our P.E. offer extends well-beyond the requirements of the National Curriculum and ensures that we continue to provide excellent opportunities for our pupils to learn beyond their normal allocated P.E. lesson times. 

Whilst delivering their lessons, teachers are constantly checking to ensure that pupils are learning the necessary knowledge and identifying and addressing misunderstandings. Assessment is used as a tool to support pupil learning. Regular audits of the P.E. curriculum take place, so that staff can check that pupils are acquiring relevant knowledge, skills and vocabulary to build upon the learning opportunities and assessment end points for each year group and ensures progression and repetition in terms of embedding these.


A range of assessment information in Physical Education is gathered. Assessment informs learning to ensure that all pupils including disadvantage and those with SEND achieve highly and acquire the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life. Staff use assessment information to inform their short-term planning and address misconceptions. This helps us provide the best possible support for all of our pupils. The end points for each phase are in the process of being carefully mapped out and further broken down. This means that the essential knowledge, skills and concepts in Physical Education are progressive and build year on year. Our pupils learn well in their Physical Education lessons. This is evidenced not only in their learning time during the school day, but also as outcomes from their participation in extra-curricular clubs, activities and events. Our pupils love representing their school competitively and over the years we have enjoyed much success amassing a range of trophies from cross country to football and handball. Pupils love their P.E lessons and comment positively on the wide range of clubs available to them on the extra-curricular timetable. They are well prepared for the next steps and stages of their learning due to the progressive and well sequenced curriculum. As a result, pupils make excellent progress as they know more and remember more as they move through the Physical Education curriculum

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