Thorp Primary School

School Council and Eco Team


School Council

Our School Council has representatives from each class from Reception to Year 6. Each representative is elected after giving a speech to their class and a secret ballot.

Our school council holds meetings twice a half term. We also help with issues around school that have an impact on our learning.  We also take part in environment walks looking at how we can improve our school for everyone.  The representatives also bring issues from their class which are discussed with Miss Procter and anything relevant is passed on to Ms Dunn.

Purpose of the School Council 

  • To act as a voice for all children in the school
  • To benefit the school
  • To benefit all pupils
  • To contribute to decisions within the school
  • To organise social events and fundraisers
  • To promote democracy


School Council Rules – A Recipe for Success

  • We will come to every meeting
  • We will listen to each other
  • We will respect each other’s views
  • We will act as a voice for our class
  • We will vote on any proposals
  • We will prepare/provide/present at this meeting if we are asked to
  • We will share our ideas and actions with our class
  • We will make sure things happen because of our meetings


Making a Positive Contribution

A significant task for school council is the fundraising activities we try to do each month. Children nominate different charities and then decide what activities we should do to raise as much as we can.  Not all our fundraising involves raising money. At Harvest we encourage people to donate tins that we can send to the local food bank to help people less fortunate than ourselves.  Some of our charities are local such as Maggie’s. What is important is that the children recognise the work each charity does and how they can help its impact on society.

Some of the events we regularly take part in are:

  • Harvest contributions given to Oldham food bank and the Salvation Army Food Bank
  • Children in Need
  • Comic Relief and Sport Relief
  • Christmas and Summer Fairs to raise funds for our school


Eco Team

At the beginning of each year the individual classes vote in their eco reps. Each class in Years 1-6 has one representative on the Eco Team.

Their role varies from promoting a healthier environment and ensuring the school is aware of recycling procedures to litter picking in school and the local community.  We have also worked with other schools in Royton on community projects to improve the local community.

As a team we have planned a number of non-unfirm days asking children to donate plants to help us regenerate areas within the school grounds to encourage natural wildlife to visit. 

We hold half-termly Eco team meetings to discuss current environmental issues and also act as a platform for classmates to bring their environmental interests and issues to light and take actions to improve our school environment. The Eco team members are also encouraged to share environmental information across the school and to embed good environmental practice in school, at home and in the wider community.


School Council Newsletters